Plumbing woes extend community pool closure

Blue doors of leisure center with 'pool closed' sign.Fort Frances, Ont. Due to unexpected renovation hurdles, locals can expect a longer wait for the Memorial Sports Center pool to reopen.

Residents of Fort Frances, Ont., will have to wait longer before diving back into their local pool at Memorial Sports Center as unforeseen challenges extend the closure.

The swimming pool, which has been closed since November for repairs and renovations, was expected to reopen in March or April, but is now scheduled to reopen in late May or early June.

According to a Local Journalism Initiative report, renovations have encountered problems with plumbing and structural columns, extending the reopening deadline by several weeks.

Originally intended as a water line replacement project, complications arose when it was discovered that both the skimmer and jet water lines were stacked on top of each other, requiring a complete overhaul of the system. Additionally, damaged support columns required more extensive repair work than expected, causing further delays.

A statement from the city acknowledged the frustration caused by the delay while emphasizing the main goal of ensuring the pool's safety and viability in the long term.

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