Police deal with U-Haul truck abandoned on deck of BC Ferry

The purpose of Crime Beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the South Delta property crime trends and other filings of interest. If you see something that you think is suspicious, call 911 for ongoing crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

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Nov 22, 5500 block of 9th Ave.: The community center reported that the bathroom on the north side of the facility was vandalized by an unknown person. Police attended and found that the soap dispenser had been ripped from the wall. No further damage. Video surveillance is to be examined for possible identification of a suspect.

Nov 22, 5000 block of Canoe Pass Way: The complainant reported that he lost his wallet in a shop in the mall on 13 November. Fifty-eight fraudulent charges totaling $2,092 were made to his debit card in the past week. Wallet found and returned to complainant with ID and $60 cash. The incident is still under investigation to verify bank statements and surveillance footage.

November 23, HQ 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: The complainant stated that he had been in contact with one person online over the past year. Recently, the complainant had attempted to transfer $10,000 in bitcoin to that person at her request, but the bank had flagged the transaction as suspicious and closed the account and the untransferred funds. The bank opened a new account to prevent the complainant’s personal information from being compromised. Police advised the complainant, who realized the situation was fraudulent, to block his email and stop communicating with the suspect.

Nov 25 200 block of Centennial Parkway: The complainant reported a loud house party in the area. Police were present and spoke to the homeowner, who apologized and turned the music down. The party ended a short time later without further complaints.

Nov 28, 1 Ferry Causeway: BC Ferries reported that a passenger left their U-Haul truck on the ferry deck. The police arrived, found the truck and had it towed from the scene. Police contacted the renter identified by U-Haul, who claimed to have abandoned the truck as it would not start. The renter was advised to call U-Haul and give him the police case number.

28 Nov 1200 block of 56th St.: A report from a person that they were attacked and bleeding. Police were present and found the person had not been injured and no assault had taken place, but the person was hallucinating from ingesting a larger than usual amount of speed and meth. The person was taken to hospital for further care.


November 22nd, 4500 block of Hwy 17: Police received a report from an individual stating that a group of youths had thrown ice/snow at their vehicle from the pedestrian overpass on the motorway. Police were present and patrolled the area with negative results. The plaintiff stated that his vehicle was not damaged.

Nov 23, 4600 Block 51st St: A report was received that a drunk person was in the library. The police visited and located the person who cooperated with the police and was able to fend for himself and leave the library. The person returned home safely and no further police action was required.

November 23, 6700 Block of London Drive: The applicant reported a theft from his truck parked in front of his home sometime in the past few days. The complainant believes that they may have left the truck unlocked. The stolen items include hunting equipment, shotgun shells, whistles, tobacco and binoculars totaling $1500. A claim has been filed with ICBC.

November 25, Highway 17: A report from two parties whose vehicles swerved while driving on the freeway. Police were present and found both parties claiming the other had hit them. An inspection of the vehicles revealed scratch marks, but no body damage. Both parties exchanged information in the presence of the police.

26 Nov, Laburnum Park Place & 52A St.: A citizen found a jacket and a purse and turned the item over to police. Police contacted the owner of the items, who claimed he had been drinking the night before and believed he lost the items on the way home. Police confirmed there was no foul play and returned the items to the owner.

Nov 27, 3600 block of Hwy 17: While the police were conducting the laser speed monitoring, a minor rear-end collision occurred. Damage to each vehicle was estimated at $7,500. The police determined that neither disability nor speed were the cause of the accident. The defaulting driver received a traffic ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for “tailgating”.

Nov 27, 5700 block of Ladner Trunk Road: Police received a call from someone saying they needed help and then hung up. Police located the person who said they had eaten and are now feeling better. It was determined that the person was not suicidal and they were then taken to a friend’s home who indicated they were taking care of the person.

Nov 27, 4900 block of 52A St.: The complainant reported that a group of teenagers banged on the door and set off firecrackers in front of the house. Police attended and located a group on bicycles fleeing the scene. Extensive patrols of area conducted but no suspects found.

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