Polk County Environmental Services is pleased to announce the availability of one Cost-share grant program available to property owners in Polk County have an existing non-compliant wastewater system.

The funds are intended for the repair of septic tanks Systems that currently have broken code or functionality. These dollars are made made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Clean Water Legacy Act.

There is limited funding available and priority is given to funding is determined based on household income status, condition of the existing system, etc Proximity to priority surface waters. Income restrictions apply. A big goal The goal of the cleanup program is to address “immediate threats to public health.” Polk The county uses HUD/federal poverty and low income guidelines to group grants Posts.

Households cannot exceed these income limits and must be owned by the landowner It is not a second home or rental, but a homestead, and applicants must pay all game requirements in advance if approved. No holding tank systems can do that be installed, and SSTS for the new construction of an apartment is not qualified for this Program. The district provides a cost-sharing subsidy of up to 60% 80% of installation costs up to a maximum of $12,000 grant.

To learn more about this program, please call Polk County Planning and Zoning at (218) 281-5700. Applications for the program can also be found on our website www.co.polk.mn.us under “Environmental Services” and “Planning and Zoning.” Department page. The deadline for applying for the septic system repair grant The program is June 1, 2024. After this date, the remaining funds will be available for a First come first serve.

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