PopCaan gives update on drain cleaning and calls out NWA

A week after criticism from the National Works Agency (NWA), Dancehall became a star PopCaan continues his drain cleaning exercise in his hometown of St. Thomas.

Last week, NWA Communications Manager Stephen Shaw pointed out the potential negative consequences that can occur if the people cleaning drains do not understand drain cleaning procedures.

PopCaan has since invited Mr. Shaw to join the project instead of talking and dwelling on the negatives.

In a post shared to his verified Instagram account on (Thursday, January 25), the defiant boss updated his over 3.1 million followers on the progress. In one of the videos, he again called out NWA's Stephen Shaw. The video shows PopCaan pointing to a completely clogged drain and complaining that Mr. Stephen Shaw doesn't understand the significance of the current situation.

It has been two weeks since PopCaan began the drain cleaning exercise in the Bamboo River community in the township after residents raised safety concerns about the smell of the stagnant water and the dangers associated with it, pointing out that it was becoming a breeding ground for Water has become disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Residents continue to praise the dancehall DJ for his efforts.

Meanwhile, the NWA, which is responsible for cleaning drains, is yet to address residents' concerns.

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