Ray Hadley’s warning for Queenslanders after Plumbing Detectives exposed

An employee of the infamous plumbing company Plumbing Detectives was fined after an investigation by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

The QBCC has been dealing with plumbing detectives since mid-2018, when Ray Hadley first drew attention to the audience’s complaints.

The investigation has now resulted in Joel Patrick Deuis being fined $ 2,523 for pleading guilty to entering into a number of unlicensed contracts.

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett recognized the work of Ray’s audience in securing law enforcement.

“The majority of the people who work in the construction industry do exceptional jobs, but unfortunately there are cowboys who do the wrong thing.

“We have to make sure we go after those cowboys.”

Ray reminded listeners in both Sydney and Brisbane to remain vigilant.

“Stay away from this mob because you’re out of your pocket. You either end up in Fair Trading NSW or speak to the QBCC.

“You are just crooks!

“It’s a plague for the really good trades … these people are polluting their industry.”

Queensland listeners can verify their plumber is licensed on the QBCC website.

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