Reflections for the Week of Oct. 24-28, 2022


• August sales taxes received in October were $212,743, the highest month in 2022, but down from $221,406 in the same month last year.


• Chief attended the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association annual conference in Norfolk last week.

• Assistance in interviewing for a job as an airport maintenance worker.

Street Department:

• Staff installed a new LED school crosswalk sign at 6th and Mississippi.

• Sign storage rack and tracking system under construction

• Assisted in the completion of the bathroom demolition at Knight Park

• Completed 500 hour service on road grader. Rotors changed on the dump truck

• Disc ordered in preparation for winter. Update of snow route signs in progress

• Leaf sweeping is running

• 10th and Flack storm drain repair completed

• Library rain drain cover fixed

• Storm Sewer Jetting process under review for 2023 budget

water department:

• Repaired sewer cleaning in Carhenge which had been damaged by a vehicle.

• Repair of two separate fire hydrants at New Alliance Bean that had been damaged by vehicles.

• Repair of the chlorine pump in the water treatment plant completed

• Sewer camera is in the process of being replaced and inspected annually.

• Lift station A PLC failure and subsequent replacement completed. Stand-by personnel operated the devices manually for 30 hours.

• Toluca Water Tower received paint coating, installation of PAX mixer and installation of police department surveillance camera antenna system

• Well Field Roof and Trim Repair competed

• Staff completed vacuum cleaning of public works drain infrastructure

• Sewage faucet and water completed at new 21st and Big Horn construction site

• Vactor truck electrical upgrade completed

• Review of equipment pricing and fee schedule underway

• Procedure for remote water meter measurement under examination


• 249 tons of reuse collected this week

• 221 customers this week

• Third quarter groundwater monitoring submission awaiting approval

• Wild and Parks to start catching pesky animals

• Painted new stairs to bailer service area

• Completed track maintenance at Bailer

• Relocation of oil pumps from maintenance shop to landfill

• DEF temperature sensor charger repair complete

• Built-in holding area for new dumpsters

• Meeting with contractor for benchmark bids

• Brennbox operated

• Bidding process for landfill loader tires ongoing


• Implementation of a new electronic mailing system in progress

• 779 drivers this week

• Working on adding a full-time position

• Awaiting the availability of a new transit vehicle from DOT

Plant maintenance:

• Installation of a new carpet in the library’s bookroom

• Cleaning and maintenance of the town hall hall for use by the KAB (with the support of the park staff)

Upcoming public construction projects and events:

• New excavator to arrive next week

• Lead Line Inventory (NDEE requirement) review and training

• Lime replacement project on landfill

• Aqueduct 2023 project

• 1-6 years 2023 road projects

• Demolition of Sweetwater and 7th Well House

• 12th and Missouri Engineering

• Sewer project 2023

• Pipe inventory order for 2023

• Crosswalk lighting

• Bike network is reviewed for 2023 budget requirements

• Sidewalk connectivity projects for 2023

• Two Brunnenfeld wells will be dug and rehabilitated, well 1 soft start

• APU purchase for lift station

• Acquisition of bypass pumps for lifting stations

• Annual purchase of safety equipment

• LED light upgrade in landfill dump floor

• 2023 Bailer Repair

Police administration:

• Del Carmen, Main Square, CALEA, Datalytics, NLETC

Police Communications/Secret Service:

• Coordinated 479 service calls

• Completed 3 report requests

• 0 gun licenses issued

Police operations:

• 9 child welfare assessments

• 0 DUI, 13 traffic stops

• 3 accidents,

• 0 K9 deployments

• 60 construction tests

• 22 community contacts/business checks

• 21 holiday home checks

• 5 active investigations

animal control:

• 22 animal calls

• 2 confiscated dogs. 2 dogs currently at the shelter.

• 0 cats confiscated. 0 cats currently in the shelter.

Code Enforcement:

• 1 code enforcement issue.

Notable service:

• Website for police cameras is ready. please visit Activity Location Observation for more information on camera locations and usage policies.

• Satisfaction rate 90.9%

• Total crime has decreased by 2.8% since the beginning of the year compared to the previous year


• Taxiways C & D are being painted. When this is complete, they can be reopened. Apron areas are being relocated and are expected to be completed early next week. The project will then be suspended until spring.

• Interviews for vacancies will be conducted and a final decision will be made early next week.

• Completion of the last mowing before winter.


• Organized IEDC on-site visit on BR&E recommendations for Box Butte County (Nov. 6-9)

• The Hemingford Career Day for HS Freshman was held in Hemingford on Wednesday

• Thursday was Leadership Box Butte – Industry Tours: Parker, New Alliance, Farmers Coop, Buchheit Precision and various businesses in downtown Alliance and Hemingford

• Friday spoke to a couple of AHS juniors in career class


• Progress in rebuilding Emerson/Platte Alley

• Much of the Alliance suffered a power outage Monday morning following a car crash; Crews cleared lines and rerouted power.

• A street light pole at the intersection of West 3rd Street and Highway 385 was also knocked down Monday morning as a result of a car accident.

• Establishment of a three-phase service on CR 62 for augers and dryers for grain bins.

• Worked with the contractor to install new cameras for the police department.

• Collaborated with Parker Plant’s maintenance department on a scheduled outage on Saturday, October 29th for both line maintenance and building maintenance.

Community Development:

• Permission granted for a bar/grill/band practice area at 716 Flack Avenue.

• Certificate of Occupancy issued to Platte Valley Bank, 217 W 3rd St.

• Inspect 1730 Plains Street in Homestead Addition and condemn the building.

• Prepared maps for the solar field project.


• Roof replacement to repair damage caused by the 2020 and 2021 hailstorms continues. Skylights have been replaced, letting in much more natural light to show off the beauty of our library.

human resources:

• Fulfillment of the pre-employment requirements for new hires in the police and fire departments.

• Conducting interviews for airport maintenance staff.

• Initiation of salary changes for the new contract year.

• Meeting with insurance broker and administration to plan the 2023 extension of insurance.

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