Repair & Prevent Frozen Pipes in Bullhead City

You might think that frozen pipes wouldn’t be a problem in the Southwest, but it does get chilly in the desert winters! Homes in the south may not have adequate insulation around the pipes to prevent pipe bursting when temperatures drop, which can result in major water damage in your home.

Prevent this from happening with our Bullhead City frozen pipe prevention service! Plumbing by Jake We insulate your pipes and advise you on how to protect your external lines from frost. And if you have a burst pipe, we can help you fix it.

Winterize your home plumbing

One of the best investments you can make to improve your home’s plumbing is to winterize your pipes. Placing insulation around exposed pipe and investing in nozzle covers will go a long way in preventing frozen pipe. Plumbing By Jake can inspect and supplement or repair your pipe insulation.

Other things you can do when a cold snap is looming are:

  • Allow a small amount of water to drip from your faucets. Flowing water is harder to freeze.
  • Open up your sink cabinets to allow warm air from around the house to enter your plumbing.
  • Keep your home’s thermostat constant and at least 60 degrees.
  • Disconnect and drain any hoses attached to your home.

There are also special cones Built for places where cold temperatures are common. These can prevent a burst pipe directly on the foundation wall of your house. Water damage to your foundation can lead to an expensive and even dangerous situation if it cracks!

How can I tell if I have a frozen whistle?

The easiest way is to turn on the tap after a cool day. If no water comes out or just a trickle, there is a frozen part somewhere. The water jet can also sputter when pressure tries to push through the frozen block.

You can also observe frost on the outside of outer pipes. This is another sign that your pipes are getting too cold. It can also provide clues as to where the blockage is. If you think your pipes are frozen, here’s what you need to do.

  • Turn off your home’s main water supply
  • Shut off the hot water supply
  • Turn off the power to your water heater
  • Drain as much water as possible from your pipes
  • Call Plumbing By Jake to unblock your plumbing

Should I defrost my water pipe myself?

It’s possible, but could do even more damage. Plumbers have special heaters for heating pipes. It is important to heat the pipes slowly, especially when pressure builds up in the system, to avoid damage to the pipes. Never use an open flame to heat your pipes!

Another problem is a moving ice snail. If the ice inside gets warm enough, some of it may try to migrate elsewhere in the pipe. These snails can create another frozen spot or cause internal damage in the pipe. Keep a faucet open while you work to prevent this.

Hiring our professional plumbers in Bullhead City can save you the trouble of thawing out your own lines and potentially causing further damage. We come to your home quickly and clean your pipes.

What about sprinklers and pool lines?

A burst pipe in a sprinkler or pool line could leak hundreds of gallons of water into your yard every day and cause big bills. It can also flush dirt and grit into your lines. This is a difficult and expensive problem to fix.

It’s difficult to insulate external wiring, and the southwest ground is a poor insulator. The best thing to do during a cold snap is to drain those lines completely before they freeze. This is a good job in the fall when temperatures drop.

If you have a sprinkler, make sure everything is in place Pop-ups are in the off position. When the heads are turned on, water could leak, freeze and crack the heads. If so, a sprinkler repair is on your list.

A home plumbing maintenance schedule solves many problems

Plumbing By Jake recommends an annual inspection of your home’s plumbing to service parts and check for problems. You can add a frozen pipe prevention service to your annual visit. Our inspection detects even the smallest cracks in your pipes that could burst open when they freeze.

The insulation of your pipes not only protects against pipe bursts. Insulating your hot water lines keeps your hot water hot on the way to your faucet, meaning less waiting around for hot water and lower energy bills.

With our Total Home Coverage plan, you can combine your plumbing maintenance plan with heating and cooling maintenance. It’s only $20 a month to keep key systems in your home working!

Call Plumbing By Jake for frozen pipe services

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency. Once the materials in the house remain wet for a day, there is almost certainly a mold problem. If you don’t know where your shut-off valves are located, find out now so you can minimize damage in an emergency.

If you think you have a frozen or burst pipe, call Plumbing By Jake for an assessment. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency service in Bullhead City. We offer a flat rate for all repairs. Call us for immediate service if your pipes have burst or plan online when you need protection from frozen pipes.

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