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Furious! Finally calm. Our cute little underage kitten has been in heat twice in the past few weeks. We have no experience in this, but I can tell you that she is not happy either. Like any young thing, she expects mom or dad to fix it. I keep telling her that we will take precautions to “fix” this, but she has to be patient. She is too young and does not weigh enough yet. She doesn’t understand that and is now a bit crazy and very demanding.

OK. Go on. Now that activities have started again, I don’t have enough hours in a day. I’ve also fitted into dental work, which is always fun, and medical exams, which are fun too. We also have hairdressing appointments, routine medical checkups, and many other “take care of us” appointments.

You’d think there are a lot of living machines in our house because they all need medical checkups with appointments. And here is the problem. (I love that statement.) Due to the lack of chips, consumers may not be able to replace any of their devices with equivalent or better machines if the old one fails. And just try to bring a repair person into the house when you are there. Someone I know was told the mechanic would be there for five days in a row and when they called it was “not today” but they would try on Wednesday.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to fix or replace any devices, but they had multiple appointments for occasional adjustments. The same goes for the well, sewage treatment plant, and HVAC. They all get moody at times and need loving care and hopefully just adjustment. Neither of us are willing to hand wash clothes and line dry in the back yard, so we make appointments.

My calendar is filling up and I suspect there will be a few more lunches and appointments in the near future. Unfortunately, most of us are in R&R mode: repair and replace. It is really amazing what doctors can do these days. This is not a prelude to a plastic surgery announcement from me. Not that most people my age wouldn’t want to have a facelift if it wasn’t for the risks, money, pain, and inconvenience. But there are things doctors can do that can change your life, like new hips. For me it’s really two wonderful, functional hips and none of the pain I’ve had before.

You were worth it. Even all appointments. It’s one doctor’s appointment or test at a time and you need to keep up with checkups, diet, and exercise. It sounds simple, but sometimes the most daunting part of appointments is making an appointment. My way through the touch-tone phone system is intimidating. So I try everything I can to speak to a real person. Most of the time it works.

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