Rhinox Plumbing used in the world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai – News

In an attempt to improve crop growth with advanced techniques, Bustanica chooses RHINOX’s reliable gas supply lines

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Published: Fri 10 May 2024, 3:21 PM

Bustanica has utilized the services of RHINOX to improve vertical farming practices. RHINOX’s stainless steel 316L pipes are corrosion-resistant and can withstand adverse temperature changes.

While vertical farming improves crop growth in a dry region like Dubai, the need for strong infrastructure is mandatory. Integrating sustainable gas supply solutions into vertical farming ensures sustainability. That’s where RHINOX’s certified gas supply solutions come into being.

The dependence of Bustanica on RHINOX’s stainless steel practices is quite evident from the spokesperson’s speech,

“Throughout the construction, RHINOX has stayed with us. We are proud to have chosen the company’s products that were tested in American laboratories. With the NSF 372 and NSF 61 certifications, the company maintains quality standards for lead content and material safety. Altogether, their Stainless steel fittings ensure the safety of workers and crops alike.”

RHINOX’s double (v) press fitting systems are leakproof, durable, and reliable. The seal rings ensure fittings stay hydraulically leakproof and are corrosion-resistant. So, they ensure safe and reliable vertical farming practices.

The Stainless steel triple press fittings offer better hygiene, owing to the process in which they are manufactured. Besides, they offer improved tensile strength, greater than 520N / mm.

It has been a few months since the world’s largest vertical farm opened in Dubai. Ever since then, RHINOX has stayed committed to Bustanica’s dedication and success with its gas supply system.

The spokesperson, in an interview, stated, “Ensuring smooth operation is what we focus on at our company. We prioritize attaining perfection from the inside above everything else. Our stainless steel quality can ensure world-class gas supply solutions. With our reliable Stainless steel solutions, we maintain the standard of quality that the world’s largest vertical farm needs from us.”

RHINOX maintains structural integrity, given the significance of stainless steel in vertical farming. The new link between RHINOX and Bustanica ensures sustainability and innovation. The work offered by RHINOX supports eco-friendly practices and enhancement of crop growth, signifying a leap toward a greener future ahead. 

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