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Laying small diameter pipes can be challenging enough and the challenge only grows with the diameter of a pipe. Ridgid introduced the StrapLock Pipe Handle as a solution for large pipes that are difficult to grasp. The Ridgid StrapLock acts as an extra pair of strong hands for 3 to 8 inches in diameter.

It is designed for all conditions – wet, cold, hot, dry – no matter, as the pipe cannot fall or slip off the rubber band. The tape adapts quickly and easily and clamps securely around the pipe and fittings. StrapLock gives the user additional leverage and time to set glue joints and holds the pipe securely when turning pipe cutters. One-man service and assembly work for large pipes are now even easier.

The bottom line is that the Rigid StrapLock allows excellent control in all conditions when moving, setting, gluing and cutting large diameter pipes. We aim to get one and give it a try – even if the nature of the job may not be all that pleasant. Hopefully we have a new installation.

“There really wasn’t a good tool for turning and moving large diameter plastic pipes, especially in tight spaces. With some applications, you cannot afford to lose your grip. The StrapLock Pipe Handle gives you a rock solid grip and gives you the leverage you need to make sure the job is done right. “

– Josh Sooy, RIDGID Director of Marketing

Main features of the Ridgid StrapLock pipe handle manufacturer

  • Provides a solid grip on difficult-to-grip plastic pipes for easy alignment and setting of adhesive joints
  • Specialized loop offers maximum hold and minimizes damage
  • Innovative locking design for repeatable applications
  • The quick size adjustment allows you to quickly switch between sizes
  • Suitable for all sizes of plastic pipes between 3 ″ and 8 ″ diameter
  • Works well in cold and wet environments
  • Gives you maximum leverage in a confined space
  • Can be used in pairs to support complex installations


  • Capacity: 3 ″ – 8 ″ (80 mm-220 mm)
  • Size: 3.5 ″ W x 6.95 ″ L x 2.5 ″ D
  • Weight: 0.73 pounds. (0.33 kg.)
  • Strap length: 31 ″ (800 mm)
  • Guarantee: lifetime

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