Rivian Cooks Up a Built-In Camp Kitchen for Its R1T Electric Pickup

  • Automakers are packing their upcoming electric pickup trucks with all sorts of useful and unexpected features, like the Hummer’s Crabwalk and the Ford F-150 Lightning’s offboard power setup.
  • In a new Twitter video, Rivian’s CEO reminds us that the upcoming R1T will have a camp kitchen in the vehicle’s modifiable transmission tunnel.
  • Two cooking elements, a four-liter sink and a 30-piece equipment set are part of the offer. Really, when was the last time you bought a new car that came with a kettle?


    The electric truck wars have begun, and now we are at the stage where automakers are highlighting the unusual features of their plug-in pickups to differentiate themselves from the competition. Ford spent a lot of time talking about the electric vehicle’s ability to power a construction site’s tools for three days during the recent F-150 Lightning launch. GM’s upcoming GMC Hummer EV can go diagonally with a feature called Crabwalk. And Tesla has made all sorts of claims about its angular Cybertruck, including multiple pull-out tables in the rear that can be used as a mobile kitchen.

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    Not to be outdone, Rivian’s founder and CEO RJ Scaringe tweeted this video of his company’s four-liter water tank feature announced back in 2019 by Camp Kitchen. Everything slides in and out of the body of the R1T truck in a so-called gear tunnel, which is located directly behind the rear seats.

    The Camp Kitchen is one of the many accessories available for the 11 cubic foot side-accessible Gear Tunnel. The 1440 watt induction hob draws power from the R1T’s 135.0 kWh traction battery.

    rivian camp kitchen on r1t

    rivian camp kitchen on r1t


    The Camp Kitchen isn’t cheap – the package costs $ 5,000 on top of the R1T’s starting price of nearly $ 70,000 – but it includes more than just the burner and sink. The built-in drawers of the mini kitchen are equipped with specially shaped inserts that provide space for every fork, knife and spoon of the supplied 30-piece kitchen set from Snow Peak. Spatula, tongs, can opener, titanium cutlery, kettle and more are included in the scope of delivery. Rivian says the inserts are so well designed that you won’t hear a rattle as you drive all those paraphernalia around town.

    The Gear Tunnel could become a popular way for Rivian R1T owners to customize their rides. As designed, the Camp Kitchen consists of three main parts, each of which is installed on the R1T’s “shuttle system” which allows the components to slide in and out of the body. Rivian has said the shuttle system platform “was designed to support a number of future Gear Tunnel accessories,” and based on responses to Scaringe’s tweet, a standard workbench would be a popular option, as would two turntables and a microphone.

    rivian r1t with roof tent


    For overnight outdoor adventures, Rivian offers a separate package that includes a $ 2,650 three-person tent that mounts on top of the bed. The Skyrise HD Medium Rooftop Tent has a footprint of 56 x 96 inches, is 48 inches and comes from Rivian’s partnership with Yakima. If you choose the tent package, you will receive a set of Rivian Cargo Crossbars that sit above the cargo area. You can find everything in the Rivian configurator.

    Rivian says shipments of the R1T (and the similar electric SUV R1S) will begin in January 2022.

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