Rochelle News-Leader | Sewer cleaning and televising begins Aug. 1

ROCHELLE – As a community improvement, the City of Rochelle has partnered with National Power Rodding Corp. a contract to clean and televise sewers in the McConaughy, Meadow Lane, North 2nd Street, Lincoln Highway, North 3rd Street and North Main Street areas in the coming weeks. If your service is affected, you will be notified via door sign with specific dates when work will be completed.

Occasionally, during cleaning and television broadcasting, the air pressure in sewers can force water out of siphons and cause water to spray out of toilets, sinks, and drains. Please take the following precautions to avoid water damage in your home.

Keep the toilet flushed and close the lids to cover the toilet bowls when not in use. Close the drain plugs in all sinks and bathtubs when not in use. Cover basement drains.

You can restore things to their normal state once the gear has left your block.

Sometimes, sewer cleaning and watching TV can leave an odor in your home caused by sewer siphons drying out. If this is the case, run water down all sink and bathtub drains, flush toilets, pour water down every basement floor drain, and open your windows. After a short time the smell should disappear.

If you have any questions, please contact National Power Rodding Corp at 1-800-621-4342.

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