Roger’s Plumbing and Heating: Optimizing AC efficiency

As the summer sun heats up temperatures, keeping your home cool becomes a priority.

But before you turn on the air conditioner and face a high energy bill, you can tackle some simple home maintenance tasks to help keep your home cool this summer.

Zach Jorgensen is the HVAC Home Comfort Advisor for Roger's Plumbing and Heating.

He was here to explain why by taking proactive steps to seal leaks, optimize airflow, and increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system, you can create a comfortable cooling zone throughout your home without breaking your budget.

Roger's Plumbing and Heating in Sioux Falls has been family owned and operated locally since 1983, and employees continue to build on a proven history of customer satisfaction.

To schedule your air conditioning inspection, you can contact us at 605 332-0541 and request a free estimate. You can also request the service through the website See for yourself how Roger's Plumbing and Heating will earn your loyalty at every opportunity.

This segment is paid for by Roger's Plumbing and Heating and is intended as an advertisement. The opinions expressed by the guest on this show are solely those of the guest and are not endorsed by this television station.

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