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Michael McDowell proudly announces the renewal of trenchless technology leaders Roto-Rooter, MaxLiner and Picote Solutions as endorsement partners for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series race season.

For the second consecutive year, the logos of Roto-Rooter, MaxLiner and Picote Solutions will be proudly displayed across McDowell’s helmet visor for all 2024 NASCAR Cup Series races. Through their joint partnership, Roto-Rooter, MaxLiner and Picote Solutions plan to reward employees and customers with unique VIP racing experiences to meet Michael McDowell, attend races, and enjoy all of the action-packed racing that NASCAR offers.

An increase in social media presence will also be noticed as the partnership looks to educate race fans on the benefits of the trenchless plumbing industry through a mix of informative and engaging content as well as promotional contests and giveaways.

“I’m thankful to continue this awesome partnership with Roto-Rooter, Picote Solutions, and MaxLiner,” said Michael McDowell. “Their expertise in trenchless plumbing aligns seamlessly with the precision and innovation required in NASCAR. Together, we’re racing towards a future where both industries redefine excellence.”

Earlier this year, McDowell attended the 2024 WWETT Show (Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transportation Show) in Indianapolis, Indiana, as a guest of Roto-Rooter, Picote Solutions and MaxLiner. The WWETT Show is the world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals, to which McDowell spent time deepening his understanding of the trenchless plumbing industry.

“Michael’s commitment to performance and excellence aligns perfectly with Roto-Rooter’s mission to deliver top-quality plumbing solutions to our customers,” remarked Thad Reinhard, President of Roto-Rooter Corporation. “We are proud to continue our joint partnership alongside MaxLiner and Picote Solutions and look forward to supporting Michael throughout his 2024 NASCAR Cup Series race season.”

“Michael’s enthusiasm and professionalism resonate with Picote’s values of innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Katja Lindy-Wilkinson, CEO of Picote Solutions. “We’re extremely happy to call him an ambassador of our company for the second year in a row and we look forward to seeing what the 2024 race season has in store for our partnership.”

“MaxLiner is thrilled to continue its collaboration with Michael McDowell for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series race season,” said Gil Carroll, Director of Business Development at MaxLiner. “His dedication to success mirrors MaxLiner’s determination to provide reliable and highly efficient trenchless CIPP solutions. We are confident that together, we will achieve great success in 2024.”

The 2024 NASCAR Cup Series race season officially kicks off at the Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, February 18th with the 66th running of the Great American Race — airing live at 2:30 p.m. ET on FOX.

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