RotoTank leads the way with 40 000 litre water tank

POLOKWANE – With a wide variety of merchandise available right on your doorstep, RotoTank Polokwane is the place to go for water, chemical, transport and septic tanks as well as silos. RotoTank also supplies a full range of other LLDPE QUV8 protected plastic resin products for domestic, business and industrial use.

According to regional sales manager André Maré, RotoTank prides itself on being the premier producer of the largest tanks in Africa and its 40 000 liter water tank is currently the largest on the market. The company offers 35 years of rotational molded tank manufacturing expertise and is an owner-driven business that offers turnkey solutions with a unique approach to continual research and development.

“RotoTank commits to providing well-priced value with the highest possible rotational molded plastic resin tank products. We are committed to on-time delivery anywhere in South Africa and we pride ourselves on being a responsible, responsive, innovative, dependable and successful supplier.”

Regional sales manager André Maré and branch manager Christo Scheepers at a selection of the colorful merchandise available.

RotoTank supplies vertical tanks for water or chemicals with capacities between 300 liters and 40 000 liters, while the sizes of their transport and horizontal tanks range from 250 liters to 6 000 liters.

The vertical tanks are simple to transport and install. Uses are diverse raging from industrial, agricultural or domestic and storage is at atmospheric pressure for liquids, foods and beverages. Rain water harvesting is a common and popular application.

The transport and horizontal tanks with an improved ribbing design provides a secure solution for easy transporting and storage of water, foodstuffs, oils, chemicals and fuels. Baffle balls are available to improve the stability of the vehicle when transporting liquids by road and preventing sloshing and turbulence especially when turning.

Vertical and horizontal tanks (Decant-a-Tank) are effective alternatives to silos that do not require an expensive mounting stand. Sizes vary from 6,000 liters to 17,000 liters.

RotoTank’s variety of septic conservancy tanks can accommodate between 300 liters and 12 500 liters of effluent and use a system that decomposes human waste via anaerobic bacterial digestion. Tanks for underground storage are available with a capacity between 300 liters and 8 000 liters.

For farmers, silos and conical tanks with a capacity between 175 liters and 27 000 liters are always available and are popular for the storage of grain, animal food, coal, cement, sawdust and granules among other uses.

Accessories such as open top bins and lids, floats, fittings and connectors are also available in a range of colors and farmers can make use of the water tank troughs with integrated double walls to enhance cool water storage.

RotoTank Polokwane is situated next to the R101 at the Southern entrance to the city opposite Meropa Casino and Entertainment World. Branch manager Christo Scheepers can be reached on 066 198 4591 or 010 100 8432.

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