San Diego eyes temporary fix after La Jolla residents are left without water following pipe break

Residents near El Paso Real in the Muirlands neighborhood of La Jolla were without water for days after a water pipe burst. Although the city of San Diego sent teams to find a temporary solution, it could be a while before a permanent solution is in place.

Residents said the water went out in the 1500 block of El Paso Real around 6 p.m. on Jan. 30, with no splashes visible or the location of the break confirmed.

“It’s disturbing,” Lisa Casey said. “We had to buy water to flush our toilets, bathe, cook and drink.”

The problem was reported to the city, which dispatched a repair team the next day.

A temporary line is being laid along El Paso Real while crews work to repair the water system.

(Ashley Mackin Solomon)

San Diego spokesman Arian Collins said a temporary water main will be installed in hopes that water pressure will be restored for all affected customers by late Friday, Feb. 2.

Meanwhile, water trucks were stationed at El Paso Real 1624 and El Camino del Teatro 1540 so that residents could obtain water for their household needs.


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“The repair work was challenging due to the location of the water infrastructure and the associated inability to use heavy equipment [because of the narrow street]Collins said.

Casey said crews “digged up the road” looking for the cause of the break, but to no avail. “It’s a bit of a mess,” she said. “They keep digging and digging to try to fix the problem.”

The work is likely to exacerbate an already problematic path, Casey said.

El Paso Real in the Muirlands area of ​​La Jolla

Some residents believe the current condition of El Paso Real in the Muirlands area of ​​La Jolla will worsen as the city of San Diego attempts to repair a water main break.

(Ashley Mackin Solomon)

“We have been complaining about the condition of the road for months, submitting Get It Done reports and holding meetings with representatives [city departments], and everyone agrees that the road is bad,” she said. “Now we expect things to get even worse.”

Work is expected to continue when crews are able to return after this week's inclement weather.

“City crews will complete additional work on the water main at a later date, and the temporary water main will serve the area in the meantime,” Collins said. “The city apologizes for the extended time frame.” ◆

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