San Francisco Sewer Repair Coupons Are Now Being Offered by Magic Plumbing in SF for Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Canal repair in San Francisco

If you notice an odor coming from the sewer, see sewage in your yard, or have constant traffic jams, you should get a licensed plumber to check it out right away

San Francisco sewer repair should always be done by a licensed contractor, according to Magic Plumbing. “If you notice a sewer odor, or see sewage in your yard, or have constant backlogs, you should get a licensed plumber to check it out right away,” says Paul of Magic Plumbing, who has a licensed sewer repair plumber in San Francisco. “If the pipe needs replacing, we’re now offering a $100 off full repair.”

San Francisco is an old city. This means that the plumbing system is outdated. The city maintains the main sewage system, but homeowners are responsible for repairs on their property, according to Paul. “Most of the people we help have very old plumbing systems and the underground pipes are still from the house.” San Francisco sewer repair can be handled in a number of ways, according to Magic Plumbing. One option is to dig up the pipe and replace it. Paul and his team recommend this type of repair when the problem is small and isolated.

Another method of repairing sewers in San Francisco involves trenchless technology. With trenchless sewerage, the old pipe is replaced with a new one without a trench. Benefits of trenchless technology include cost savings and landscape preservation. “We try to save our customers money wherever possible. That is why we have invested in the most modern technology for the sewer pipe replacement. We can replace most of the mains in a day and cause minimal disruption to the garden,” says Paul of Magic Plumbing.

One way to tell if a sewer repair is needed in San Francisco or not is to have an inspection done. Magic Plumbing offers a service where you can use a video camera to look inside the sewer pipe. “We offer video sewer inspection using a CCD camera mounted on the end of a rooter machine. This type of camera inspection allows our technician and the homeowner to see the problem on a monitor. This helps the technician pinpoint the exact problem so they can recommend the best duct repair for the job,” says Paul. Magic Plumbing offers this service at no additional cost when San Francisco drain cleaning service is purchased.

To learn more about Magic Plumbing’s plumbers in San Francisco, please visit their website at To learn more about SF Channel Repair, please read the informative press releases or watch the online videos. To schedule a drain inspection or to take advantage of Magic Plumbing’s new drain repair discount coupon, please call them today at (415) 237-2083. They do not offer estimates and upfront prices. They also have many positive online sewer repair reviews in San Francisco.

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