Save time and money with trenchless sewer repair

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Sewer line repair used to be a laborious process that required digging up pipes to fix the problem. This could take several days and the costs associated with the repairs were significant. Today, modern trenchless sewer repair technology offers property owners the opportunity to repair their sewer pipes with minimal digging.

Because different problems require different solutions, we offer 4 types of trenchless sewer rehabilitation.

Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) uses a flexible hose filled with an epoxy resin material that hardens after being inserted into the pipe – a process called “curing.” Once completed, the end result is a new pipe that is molded into the current existing pipe.

When should you choose CIPP?
CIPP is recommended for situations where a worn or damaged pipe has remained structurally sound. It’s also a great way to mitigate problems caused by small cracks or misaligned connections. Additionally, pipes that have been damaged by tree roots or soil shifting can also benefit from this process.

Possible Cons: This product covers any openings or inclusions. It is necessary to go back with a cutting tool to cut out the opening for the toilet, kitchen and laundry lines. Depending on the size of the pipe involved, these openings may be difficult to recreate.

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