Septic clog makes smelly, costly mess at transitional home for women

HUNTINGTON, Indiana (WPTA) — A major sanitation problem inundated a women’s transitional home with contaminated water Thursday, creating a costly cleanup situation.

Place of Grace is a non-profit residency for women who have served time for past crimes and are making their way back to normal life. Seven women were living at the home when the problem began, and two more were due to arrive within a few days.

The septic blockage allowed contaminated water to seep into the floor in several rooms and also damaged the plumbing system. The water collected in the basement of the building.

Two volunteer pastors worked Friday to remove sodden carpets and upholstery in a hallway and living room, but it’s just the beginning of a major repair project.

“We’re preparing financially for minor home repairs, but we don’t have the budget for a large flooring and plumbing project like this,” said executive director Brittany Renkenberger. “We will need to raise funds to cover the costs of these projects.”

There was no immediate indication of how expensive repairs would be.

The home opened about five years ago as a faith-based inpatient recovery program for women released from incarceration and short-term inpatient treatment programs for the HD area. The maximum capacity is 10 residents and women typically stay for six to 12 months during which time they receive support tailored to their individual needs.

Anyone wishing to help through donations or otherwise can contact the organization at (260) 358-7529 or at [email protected]

Sewage fills basement at ‘Place of Grace’ in Huntington.

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