Septic costs, basketball coach, $10 building

As the weekend begins, let’s take a look at the news from the past week.

The Superintendent of Dartmouth, Dr. Bonny Gifford, retiring on March 1st, completing eight years as Superintendent of Dartmouth and 32 years in Education. “After 32 years in education, it’s bittersweet to think about retirement,” Gifford told the Standard Times. “I can only hope that my work has changed the lives of thousands of students who have traveled through the counties where I have worked. I look forward to my next phase of shifting my focus and redirecting my energies. “

Eight residents have submitted nomination papers to fill the vacant seat of former councilor Hugh Dunn at Ward 3, although one has since opted not to run. Councilor Hugh Dunn resigned on December 3, leaving the last year of his term open. The special election for District 3 will take place on Tuesday, February 28th.

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Freestone's City Grill opens December 15th.

It has been almost a full year since Freestones City Grill closed for renovations. Now it’s ready to reopen its doors on December 15th. Freestones has undergone several renovations including new floors (no more platforms), tables, all new bar seating and new kitchen appliances.

“We’ve always loved what Freestones stood for — it was a pillar of everything,” said Al Peters, the new co-owner of Pat Long and Howie Mallowes. With New Bedford on the rise, Peters said they want to get Freestones back in the picture much like it used to be.

Meal:Freestones City Grill in New Bedford is ready to reopen. Here’s what guests can expect.

A lawsuit filed in 2020 alleging that several employees at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, as well as a New Bedford Police Officer serving there as school resource officer, failed to protect a former student from sexual harassment by other students. including a male classmate who allegedly stole and shared nude pictures of her – was settled out of court.

The lawsuit suggests that the defendants did not adequately address the situation because the male student who allegedly stole the nude pictures is the son of a New Bedford police officer.

Settlement:GNB Voc-Tech settles 2020 lawsuit alleging leaked nude photos and harassment

A worker climbs to the top of the iconic spire of the New Bedford Armory on Pleasant Street as the state begins roof repairs before the historic building is sold to the city for $10.

From the outside, the imposing stone building of the former National Guard Armory at 989 Pleasant St. barely shows its 119 years. Because of this, an agreement was reached that the state would give ownership of the building to the city for $10 once repair work was completed to keep it viable.

The state agreed to perform $3.3 million in repairs to the structure, primarily the roof, as part of the deal. Once the structure is watertight again, the city can button it up and keep it for about $5,000 a year in maintenance while a suitable developer is found.

Residents could face mandatory septic upgrades costing thousands of dollars under proposed Title 5 regulations, set to take effect in early 2023.

Either that, or your community will have to agree to a comprehensive 20-year nitrogen pollution reduction plan that would save homeowners the individual costs, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection.

A local public health official says the proposed changes are “impactful” in terms of implementation, making them “random and capricious” as well as expensive.

DEP:Homeowners could face thousands of sewer system upgrade costs as government regulations change

Nick Simonetti, a former Dartmouth High player, has taken over the varsity program.

When Nick Simonetti ended his playing career in college, he knew basketball should continue to be a part of his life. During Simonetti’s senior year at Bridgewater State University, he was junior varsity coach at Dartmouth High, a position he has held for the past four years.

When a job as university head coach opened up at Dartmouth that year, Simonetti jumped at the opportunity. Simonetti is taking over the reins from another Dartmouth High alum, Mike Grandfield, after four years at the helm.

Sports:Dartmouth High hires one of its best basketball players to take over the program

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