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Approximately 25 percent of Missouri households rely on on-site wastewater treatment systems, such as septic tanks.

Regular septic tank pumping for three to five years is essential to home maintenance, septic tank longevity, and system health.

Wastewater from improperly maintained wastewater treatment plants is a source of pollution that can contaminate groundwater and our local rivers and lakes.

With a pump system, you can save money, reduce your family's direct impact on Ozarks groundwater, and help maintain existing infrastructure.

The James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) has been offering septic tank pumping discounts for several years as part of its Fresh Flush rebate program. Again this year, the partnership, in collaboration with JRBP's community partners, City Utilities and Greene County, is able to offer additional rebates of up to $150 in certain areas of the James River watershed. (View the attached map to see what discount is available where you live.)

These rebates help offset the cost of having a septic tank pumped by a licensed pumper from a list that accompanies each application.

For residents of the Diggins, Fordland and Seymour areas north of the 60 states, the refund amount is $100. Homes south of the highway can receive $50, according to the JRBP map.

To sign up for this discount or to ask additional questions, contact Todd Wilkinson at 417-836-4847 or complete the application form at www.jamesriverbasin.com/septic. To receive a refund, homeowners must submit a rebate application before having their tank pumped.

Founded in 1997, JRBP is an established Springfield 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating citizens in southwest Missouri and improving the region's watershed through various programs and educational outreach.

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