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A septic tank is a required structure that collects most of the liquid waste from the kitchen and bathroom. However, keeping a septic tank in excellent condition can be a challenge, especially for those leading busy lives. Depending on the size of the house and septic tank, professional plumbers advise periodic inspection and septic tank pumping. In addition, homeowners advise frequent garbage disposal to prevent clogging of the septic tank. Unfortunately, most people see the septic tank as a trash can and flush away non-biodegradable waste, causing problems with the installation.

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Seeing waterlogging, odors, sluggish drains, pooling water, broken pipes, or flushing problems is an indication that the septic tank needs maintenance. A faulty septic tank could disturb your peace of mind. For example, smells can make staying in a house difficult. A non-functioning septic tank can also lead to expensive plumbing leaks due to corrosion. Likewise, waste from septic tanks can cause disease. Consequently, one must keep their septic tank in excellent working order at all times.

About Septifix

Plumbing company owner Richard V is one of the inventors of Septifix. Richard’s business helps homeowners clean, pump, install, repair and maintain septic tanks. The stench of the septic tank, on the other hand, was unbearable every time it was pumped out. So Richard worked with a famous university and recruited 14 scholars to come up with a formula to reduce the frequency with which septic tanks need to be pumped. They were expected to develop an environmentally friendly plan for maintaining a working septic tank.

After three years, the crew successfully developed a natural technique for cleaning and maintaining the septic tank. Each Septifix tablet contains fourteen types of bacteria that can break down septic waste. In addition, Septifix pills increase the pH and oxygen supply in the septic tank, reduce odors and encourage the development of bacteria. As a result, you save thousands of dollars annually by not having to regularly pump out the garbage.

Septifix is ​​easy to install. Therefore, no professional plumber is required to put it in a septic tank.

What’s in it?

Septifix pills contain 14 different types of aerobic bacteria. This means an excellent strain of bacteria as well as pH regulating and oxygenating components that will safely and efficiently support bacterial culture development in a septic tank for up to 90 days. Meanwhile, the live bacteria prevent corrosion and neutralize acids that can foul pipes and other domestic plumbing.

How does the Septifix pill work?

According to the instructions in each Septifix pack, the first-time user should put three tablets in the toilet bowl and flush. When a product enters a septic tank, it slowly begins to decompose, releasing oxygen and sodium carbonate. According to the manufacturer, each pill releases about 10 liters of oxygen into the tank. After three to five days, the oxygen in the septic tank interacts with the odor-causing waste to neutralize it. Sodium carbonate acts as a water barrier, neutralizing the pH of the septic tank contents. This makes the sanitary system more resistant to corrosion.

Additionally, Septifix tablets contain a variety of bacteria that feed on septic tank by-products such as oils, toilet paper, soaps and grease, minimizing the need for frequent pumping of the tank.

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Septifix benefits

● Each pill is free from dangerous chemicals and toxins.

● Septifix tablets do not require any specific therapy. The toilet can be flushed after the tablet(s) have been placed in the bowl.

● Every Septifix packaging comes from a high-quality American factory.

● Septifix pills do not release any hazardous elements into the atmosphere.

● According to the company, Septifix is ​​the only septic tank treatment that releases oxygen into the atmosphere.

● The effect of Septifix on a septic tank lasts longer than other treatments available.

● Septifix saves a significant amount of money every year.

● Every Septifix purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

● Septifix is ​​the only oxygen-releasing septic tank treatment now available in the United States that allows the live bacteria in the tablets to survive in the septic tank for up to 90 days.

● The oxygen flows rapidly and interacts with any hydrogen sulfide (scents), eliminating unwanted odors.

● The additional chemicals in Septifix neutralize the pH value of the waste water and, in combination with a high oxygen content, create ideal conditions for the growth of our bacterial strains.

● Septifix is ​​significantly more effective than competing drugs.

● Once these tabs dissolve, they are implanted into the mud layer and start treating the water from the bottom up. Consequently, the tank is cleaned.

● The company ensures a significant reduction in grease build-up, sludge, clogging, harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odours.

● Septifix tablets reduce and eliminate the need for regular septic tank pumping.


Here are some of the downsides of the product.

● Orders can only be placed through the official USA website.

● Depending on the size of the septic tank and the number of people using it, the result may vary.

usage method

● The non-toxic Septifix tablets can be handled with bare hands.

● The manufacturer of Septifix strongly recommends washing your hands afterwards with plenty of soap and water.

● Septifix is ​​not intended for human consumption.

● Put three tablets in the toilet bowl and flush twice when you use it for the first time.

● Positive results such as a clean septic tank with efficient drainage will be visible within three to five days.

● The manufacturer recommends taking one pill every month for the following months. However, if you have a large septic tank or family, Septifix Customer Service recommends hiring a professional plumber.


Increases the required oxygen level

Septifix pills will help increase the required level of oxygen in the septic tank. Because they feed on biodegradable waste, high oxygen levels encourage the survival and growth of live bacteria, resulting in less septic tank buildup.

combat odors

Septifix claims to be the first septic treatment pill to release oxygen instantly. In 3-5 days, the oxygen combines with hydrogen sulfide to eliminate foul odors from the septic tank.

Completely cleans the septic tank

Septifix manufacturers apply a revolutionary manufacturing process that allows the sludge to decompose from the bottom up, successfully cleaning all septic tank chambers.

Protects the piping system

Septifix neutralizes the contents of the septic tank and protects the entire piping system from corrosive gases that cause deterioration and losses.

Reduces costs

Septifix reduces pumping out of septic tank waste to about once every three years. A significant amount of money can be saved by not having to hire pumpers and plumbers.

purchase and price

Septifix is ​​only accessible through the US official website. When people buy in bulk, they get good savings.

Below are the prices listed on the website:

● Sample Pack – Six month supply at $69 per box

● Lowest Value Package – 18 months of nutrition – $49 per package

● Second Popular Package – 12 Month Supply – $59 per box

● Each of these packages comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

frequently asked Questions

How many units of Septifix should be purchased?

The more you use the tablets in your treatment plant, the less you have to worry about unpleasant smells, congestion and clogging, and the need to hire costly specialists.

Which Septifix bundle is better?

The cheapest and most popular package is the 18 month supply.

Is ordering Septifix a one-time fee or will I be charged again?

All payment methods shown on the website are one-time transactions.

What if Septifix is ​​ineffective?

If a customer is unhappy with Septifix, they can contact the company for a timely refund. Here, too, the money-back guarantee offers comprehensive protection.

What is the optimal number of Septifix tablets?

Once a month all you have to do is flush a pill down the toilet. The effective blend of live bacteria, oxygenation and pH regulating components will clean a septic tank, reduce odors and prevent future problems.

Conclusion: Septifix

The company markets its product as a unique pill that improves septic tank operations in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, this molecule can reduce unpleasant odors by interacting with hydrogen sulfide and correcting pH. In addition, Septifix promises to prevent oxidation in the plumbing system and reduce the frequency with which the septic tank needs to be pumped.

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