‘Sewer cameras help solve common plumbing problems’

It is important to prevent the problems that lead to drain blockages in the first place.

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Sepulveda also points out that clearing a clogged drain is only part of the solution. It's also important to avoid the problems that caused the constipation in the first place. The most common problems that lead to clogged drains include:

  • Flushing too much toilet paper, wipes, foreign objects, or trash down the toilet.
  • Fats, oils and grease that build up in kitchen drains. Surprisingly, soaps made with animal fats can also lead to clogged drains over time.
  • Trying to flush leftover food down the drain.
  • Overloading the trash can or putting the wrong things in it.
  • Human and animal hair binds to grease and other substances that build up in drains.
  • If hard water is present at home or at work, mineral deposits can form on the pipe walls.
  • Tree roots entering underground pipes are also a common cause of blockages.

When a plumbing company uses advanced technology to clear a clog, one of the plumber's first tasks upon arrival is to send the sewer inspection camera down the drain to locate the problem. The sewer inspection camera is a small, advanced camera at the end of a long pipe. The camera is inserted into the pipe and sends video images back to the plumber to locate problems in record time.

Once the problem is located, hydrojetting is used to clear the clog while cleaning the pipe. Hydrojetting uses special equipment to force water into the pipe at very high pressure to remove anything that doesn't belong there. Since hydrojetting devices emit a high-pressure jet of water, there is the right equipment for every task. Powerful hydrojetting is used to remove tree roots and other stubborn, dense clogs. Less dense clogs can be removed with less pressure.

It is extremely important to prevent problems that can clog drains and pipes and to carry out regular inspections. Inspections are particularly important to uncover potential problems. Quality 1st has completed hundreds of sewer camera inspections San Luis Obispo County residents. The experience of the sanitation team shows the following:

  • Camera inspections are a cost-effective way to examine the condition of pipes, identify leaks that may not yet be apparent, locate cracked or broken pipes, and identify situations that can lead to blockages and back-ups.
  • Older buildings have older plumbing systems with outdated pipes. The camera can quickly identify pipes that need repair or replacement.
  • When a clog is found, the camera sends back images of damaged pipes that may be contributing to the clog or indicating future problems.

A camera inspection can be performed at any time, and many property owners choose not to wait until a problem arises. Circumstances that indicate an inspection is appropriate include:

  • Preparations for the renovation of the building.
  • Before selling or buying, especially an older home.
  • If certain conditions exist that indicate problems, such as: B. foul smells, slow draining pipes, gurgling noises, mold growth, standing water in places where it is not normally seen, low water levels in toilets, is the most obvious sewer blockage.

Quality 1st served San Luis Obispo County providing sewer camera inspections, water jet cleaning and resolving plumbing problems since 2003. The sewer camera allows the team to:

  • Preventive maintenance through regular inspections.
  • Problem solving and accurate diagnosis to precisely locate a problem or potential problem.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections for Home Buyers.
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need to dig to find the source of the problem and the resulting damage to lawns and landscaping.
  • Environmental benefits as the initial problem is resolved quickly before contamination can spread through the wastewater.
  • Reduced disruption as the problem is quickly located and repairs begin just as quickly.
  • Documentation and reports that property owners may submit for insurance claims or for future reference.

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