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Noida: The district administration has stipulated that workers to clean sewage tanks can be hired only through authorised agencies. Citing a Supreme Court decision, the administration said those who hired workers independently would have to pay a penalty of Rs 30 lakh in case of accidental death. The administration's reminder came a month after the death of two sewage workers who entered a sewage tank in Sector 26. “After the death of two men in a sewage tank in Sector 26, we have asked people not to hire workers themselves but only through authorised agencies. “In most cases where the workers were hired individually, we found that they were not provided with proper safety equipment, which in some cases led to their death,” said Neelam Singh Chauhan, a social worker in Noida. According to Chauhan, the compensation amount for sewer deaths in 1993 was Rs 1 crore. The amount was increased to Rs 3 crore under the provisions of the Prevention of Employment as Manual Scavengers and Rehabilitation Act, 2013. The Uttar Pradesh government had issued an order in December last year referring to a Supreme Court judgement on compensation for sewer workers who died on the job. “The court hereby directs the union and states to ensure that the compensation for sewer deaths is increased (as the earlier fixed amount of Rs 1 crore was applicable from 1993). The current equivalent of this amount is Rs 3 crore. This is the amount to be paid by the authority concerned, i.e., union, union territory or state, as the case may be,” the order said. Chauhan clarified that in such cases, the compensation amount would be recovered from the person who had hired the workers individually. “In case the workers are hired through an agency, it is liable to pay the amount. Also, they are equipped with necessary equipment and precautions in such cases, which lowers the risk factor,” she added. On May 3, Sumit had called Chawla Nunu and Tapan Mandal to clean the sewage tank in his house in Sector 26. He had earlier hired the two workers through an agency but decided to contact them individually this time. A few minutes after they entered the tank, the two fainted and died. Chawla paid the families Rs 8 lakh each. After the district administration asked Chawla to pay Rs 30 lakh, he approached the court.

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