Sewer repair starts Monday in Muscatine

The 500 block of Leroy Street will be closed to through traffic effective Monday, July 18 to replace a private sewer line at 500 Leroy Street. The closure is expected to last until Monday July 27.

Rivo, Inc. is replacing the entire sewer line from the house to the main sewer due to a necessary repair to the Orangeburg sewer line. The main sewer is in the middle of Leroy Street. The street must be closed to all traffic from Mulberry Avenue to the alleyway in the 500 block of Leroy Street to allow workers to safely repair the sewer line.

Local traffic to the homes on Plover Street, Marquette Street, Amherst Avenue and Orange Street is permitted to use Leroy Street west of the intersection with Barry Avenue. There will be no access from Mulberry Avenue. Rivo will maintain access to all entrances in the 500 block except for the entrance at 500 Leroy Street. Through traffic from Mulberry to Leroy will be diverted to Barry Avenue during the closure.

The road closure was approved by the Muscatine City Council on July 7.

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