Side Sewer Contractor’s Responsibility for Liner Installation

If a liner is installed in a private lateral sewer, it is the contractor’s responsibility not to extend the liner into the municipal sewer main or leave associated equipment or debris in the main. If the contractor suspects that the liner has extended into the main or that equipment and/or associated debris has entered the main, SPU shall request the contractor to contact the SDCI site inspector immediately.

All liner installations require a side channel permit with notification to the SDCI site inspector at the time of inspection. This requires a live camera (scoping) of the private side channel at the time of inspection.

SPU prefers to remove protruding liners to maintain the integrity of the SPU system and will charge those responsible for liner removal. This is to avoid more costly financial implications for the responsible parties due to damage to the main piping system that may occur during liner removal. Any contractor who chooses to remove any intrusive liner they have installed assumes all liability for damage to SPU’s property as a result of any removal activity.

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