Six Lakes Septic rises from the ashes with the help of a competitor

SIX LAKES TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A fire destroyed Six Lakes Septic Service last month, but thanks to the kindness of a competitor, the company is rising from the ashes.

“It got so hot that all the aluminum and everything melted, so there's really not much left,” owner Tony Pant told FOX 17 as he looked at what was left of his business.

Six Lakes Septic is rising from the ashes with the help of a competitor

He says all of his equipment, including trucks, was burned beyond repair when his company's garage caught fire on Jan. 24.

“That was kind of one of our first replacement trucks, let’s say we build septic tanks and portable toilets. This is the first truck that can do both,” said Pant. “Every truck has a memory.”

Pant is the third generation owner of Six Lakes Septic Service. His grandfather founded the company in the 1950s.

Daren Bower

“We packed everything in for the winter as best we could,” he said. “So, yeah, we had the four tankers, which is pretty much the whole deal, and then a couple of pickups to do different things.”

Due to the fire, the business lacked a functioning pump truck, meaning Pant was unable to serve his customers.

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Daren Bower

Then, just a day after the fire, Pant received a call that changed everything.

“It was a lifesaver,” he remembers. “John and Ally Plummer reached out to me the next day. This happened on a Wednesday. They offered us a truck on Thursday family.'”

John and Ally own Plummers Waste Group. They saw a social media post about the fire and immediately decided to lend a hand.

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Daren Bower

“I feel too much when I talk about them or with them. But yeah, we just thanked him and hugged them both and showed them we appreciated it. The whole thing was quite inspiring,” said Pant. “In a strange way, you know, even if you lose everything, having people step in and help you like that really changes the way you see things.”

Six Lakes Septic Service still needs a lot of help to fully rise from the rubble. That's why the company has set up a GoFundMe page if you're interested in donating.

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