SoCal Gas Texts Will Warn LA County Residents Of Winter Price Hikes

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles County residents could face lasting trauma when they open their Southern California Gas Co. bill after last year’s 300 percent natural gas price increases. In November, the utility launched a new text notification service to alert customers when higher prices are coming.

A year ago, SoCal Gas customers learned — many of them the hard way — that their natural gas bills could be double what they had been in previous years. Previous reports said the price increase was attributed to several factors, from early cold weather to low storage capacity and out-of-state natural gas supply shortages that led to the higher bills.

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This winter, SoCal Gas is launching its “Notify Me” text messaging service to let customers know when prices are going up so they can adjust their gas and energy usage. Notifications will be sent between December 2023 and March 2024 and customers can sign up using their online SoCal Gas accounts.

The texts will alert customers when monthly natural gas costs increase by 20 percent or more, impacting customer bills, SoCal Gas’s website says. Customers can also track their usage online.

What can residents do about rising gas bills?

All three major utilities offer rate options that determine the average cost of gas over several months.

Other tips for customers to reduce gas bills include washing clothes in cold water, reducing the water heater temperature, keeping areas around vents clear, and closing curtains and blinds at night.

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