Somerville Plumber Pros Announces Preventive Training for Residents of Somerville

August 17, 2022 – Somerville, Mass. – Somerville Plumber Pros, a local plumbing company, offers free preventative maintenance training for Somerville residents. The company believes that by teaching people how to properly maintain their plumbing systems, people can avoid major problems and expensive repairs in the future.

The training covers basic maintenance tips for pipelines, e.g. For example, how to clean your drains and siphons regularly, how to flush your toilet properly, and how to spot potential problems before they become serious. In addition, the training provides an overview of different types of pipe and fittings, common installation tools and basic safety precautions. By the end of the training, participants will be able to list several ways to prevent plumbing problems and recognize when it’s time to call a professional.

Businesses may focus on the epicenter of a region, e.g. a large city, and ignore the needs of a population in a smaller, nearby suburb. However, the need for plumbing work in small towns can be the same as that of city dwellers. A well-rounded company develops a marketing strategy that encompasses the needs of all potential customers regardless of their location.

Somerville Plumber Pros ( has been in business for over 20 years and has served the Somerville community for many of those years. The company offers this training to give back to the community and help residents avoid costly repairs in the future.

“Our plumbing team is used to all kinds of things clogging a pipe. Sometimes the blockage is a normal tree root. In other cases it may be from an animal or object,” explains Luis McNair, contact at Somerville Plumber Pros. “However, we would like to invest our time in educating the masses on general tips for avoiding sanitation problems.”

The training will take place on September 12th from 10:00am to 12:00pm at their local office. For more information or to register for the event, please visit the Somerville Plumber Pros website or call their office at (617) 676-0793. Somerville Plumber Pros hopes that by offering this training they can help Somerville residents save money and avoid major headaches in the future.

If anyone lives in Somerville and is interested in attending the training please contact them as early as possible.

About Somerville Plumber Pros

Somerville Plumber Pros is a top rated plumbing service for Somerville, MA. The company provides drain cleaning, 24 hour emergency plumbing and sewer repair and is ready for plumbing issues such as drain cleaning, pump system and water heater installation, sewer cleaning and faucet repair.

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Name of the company: Somerville Plumbing Professionals
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Federal State: MA
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