Sounding off: Wolf, gas stoves, Steelers, perks among week’s topics

I don’t see many “victories” from Gov. Tom Wolf

I read with interest the Spotlight PA article, “Here’s What Outgoing Governor Tom Wolf Will Be Remembered For” (Jan. 12, TribLIVE).

It struck me that the authors primarily sought the opinions of politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, to suggest that Wolf “leaves a long list of political victories.” Aside from a reference to “grassroots activists” angry at the governor’s pandemic public orders, the authors did not appear to mention public opinion.

Please allow me to give my opinion on the Wolf administration.

I was alarmed when one of Wolf’s first proposals was to increase both the sales and state income taxes, the most regressive and damaging of all taxes on Pennsylvania citizens. His failure to raise taxes was a “win” for residents.

The aforementioned “grassroots activists” weren’t the only citizens outraged by Wolf’s response to the pandemic. The damage done to small businesses, workers, and public school children by his government decrees resulted in a majority of Pennsylvania voters agreeing to limit his emergency powers. I think this is another “win” for residents.

The authors’ mentions of increased education funding as a wolf win ring without a single mention of evidence of increased performance improvement among Pennsylvania public school students. The current decline in performance in our public schools is a defeat for residents.

After all, Wolf’s desire to allow biologically born boys to compete and dominate in girls’ sports, and his efforts to keep abortion legal at 20 weeks gestation, are not victories in my opinion and that of many other Pennsylvania citizens.

Ken Kretschman



Ban gas cookers? Never.

The federal government is therefore considering a ban on gas stoves. With mobile homes? BBQ grills? ovens? water heater? Where does this state hyperbole end? The federal government is going to have to take that iron skillet from my cold, dead hands before they take my gas stove.

Diana Fredley

Western deer


Tired of taxpayers’ money going to executive perks

After reading the details of Nicole Ziccarelli’s “minor” accident, I believe the repairs should have been made at her expense or at the expense of her personal insurance carrier (“Westmoreland DA: Circle Car Accident Was ‘Minor’,” January 7 , TribLIVE).

Why do we continue to supply vehicles to elected officials at taxpayers’ expense? Imagine what our community could do with the money that goes towards all the perks our elected officials receive. As we, the taxpayers, struggle to keep gas in our vehicles, food on our tables and roofs over our heads, it’s heartwarming to know that our taxes are being used in such a responsible way. Let the roads and bridges crumble! Increase taxes to cover required programs; just don’t take away the perks.

I’m disgusted and tired of how my taxes are being used.

Cynthia Madoni Ansani

New Kensington


These Steelers are heroes too

I agree with the author of the letter, “Essential Workers, not Football Players, are Heroes” (Dec. 29, TribLIVE) that workers who are bearing the burden of bitterly cold temperatures should be applauded. He also said that football players (who also endure the cold) should be ashamed and embarrassed as football is not work. I do not agree. Football is hard and dangerous work.

Also, allow me to share examples of some outstanding Steelers football players.

Cameron Heyward’s story begins long before he was drafted by the Steelers. In 2015 he founded the Heyward House in Pittsburgh, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children.

TJ Watt supports 412 Food Rescue, which delivers food that would otherwise be wasted to nonprofits that need it. His brother JJ Watt has donated $6.7 million to 770 schools through his foundation.

The Mel Blount Youth Home is a shelter and mission for victims of child abuse and neglect.

Current Steelers donated $432,400 to the Steelers Social Justice Fund in 2022.

These soccer players should also be recognized as true heroes off the pitch.

Kathy Slomka



Dems can’t pick Biden as the next presidential nominee

President Joe Biden just threw a huge bone at the Democratic Party with the revelation that he’s been scattering top-secret government documents like confetti all over his home, in his Corvette, at the University of Pennsylvania and God knows where else.

I cannot imagine that any political party would even consider appointing such a dishonorable, untrustworthy, frail and weak person to the presidency in 2024. The Democrats certainly need to have better choices.

Biden has now given them an extremely powerful incentive to make a different choice; Without such a decision, regardless of who the Republican nominee is, their chances of winning the next presidential election are slim in my opinion.

Wayne E Baughman



Let’s get over ourselves and work for the good of America

I don’t often comment publicly on politics, but with that in mind: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican; I think if we all sit back and get a bird’s eye view of how the rest of the world is looking at us, we’ll see that we’re all acting like a bunch of idiots.

There are friends and relatives who, especially in recent years, no longer speak about political opinions and events. This is just awful! Blaming, blaming, trying to ameliorate the other party’s bad or illegal actions.

Let’s face it folks – no one is without fault or guilt in the past 50+ years that I’m aware of.

All we have to do is forget, forgive, and move forward to turn this country back on its feet so our political leaders, and I mean all of them, don’t look like a bunch of little kids fighting in the back of a minivan. Right or wrong, when we were kids we were slapped and told, “Stop it.”

The past is the past and that cannot be changed, but we certainly need to look to our future without worrying about party lines or the shortcomings and mistakes of others, and remember that we were all godly and godly at one time were believing Americans who want to do what is right for generations to come.

We have to push ourselves, keep it simple and do what’s best for the country. Period!

Bryan Stray

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Immigrants can help fill jobs

Regarding the many opinions about the shortage of workers: Our area loses over 1,000 people every year from overdoses, plus thousands of people who are addicted or incarcerated. Our schools and parents are pushing young people away from working life, getting up every morning, packing lunch and going to work, and instead towards athletics and college. Many children don’t want that, but feel like failures when they don’t live up to these ideas of success.

If we’re smart, we can help our community. Thousands of good people like our ancestors are waiting at our border. We should go there now and find the best of the best and invite them to western Pennsylvania. Immigration is inevitable. Let’s be smart and use this chance.

Todd Neptune

hemp field

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