Spider-like mini-robots could soon be lurking in our sewers in bid to clean up sewage

A LACK of sewer inspection workers has resulted in some pretty creepy robotic creations about to take over the underground.

Robotic spiders have reportedly been let loose on sewer pipes to inspect and streamline this important public service.


These spider robots are still in the prototype phasePhoto credit: SWNS
While a robot can do the job of fixing the sewage system, research shows they work best in groups of three


While a robot can do the job of fixing the sewage system, research shows they work best in groups of threePhoto credit: SWNS

According to Japanese robotics company TMSUK, these robotic insects will crawl through sewers in Japan.

According to Statista, Japan recorded an average daily water consumption of 287.1 liters in 2018.

TMSUK’s robots were built to support this vast sewage system.

Called SPD1, it is a prototype with multiple legs that allows it to walk through sewers.

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SPD1 was allegedly formed after a road and sewer pipe maintenance company requested advances in the sewage process, New Atlas reported.

The dimensions of the prototype are 21 x 25 x 28 cm.

It weighs a mere 7.7 lbs or 3.5 kg.

A compact design makes it possible to reach places that humans could never reach.

This arachnid-like robot is controlled remotely using a cable that runs from the device to the living person, who operates it with a video game-like controller.

Using a Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2 or a 360-capable XDV360, the controller can see down the sewer to complete the tasks required.

An XDV-360 enables virtual pan and tilt with a touchscreen on the remote control, making your work even more seamless.

Just like its tiny predatory counterpart, SPD1 has “eyes” made of LED sensors and lights that are optimally suited to taking in its surroundings.

All you need is an SPD1 to get the job done.

But at this stage of development, TMSUK said that having a group of three all connected at the same chord will make for a more efficient work ethic.

One bot would be in charge of navigation, the second would inspect needed repairs, and a third would make those repairs using the Spidey’s legs armed with gear.

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After a demonstration at a “sewer inspection site” it will likely be available on the commercial market.

Here is a video showing the bots in action, moving efficiently with audible robotic sounds as they shuffle around.

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