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Start the (KTVE/KARD) – On Wednesday, July 3, 2024, tenants at the Mosswood Apartments in Start, Louisiana were hit by sewage flooding due to a clogged water pipe.

Tenants at the complex said this was a recurring problem that had resulted in damage to items in their units and raised health concerns for children, the elderly and the infirm. KTVE/KARD spoke with Linda Bell, a current tenant, about the impact of the problem.

We live in mold. I took my grandchildren to the doctor and told them they wanted to know why they came, but if you breathe this in, it's mold.

Linda Bell, resident | Mosswood Apartments

Bell went on to say that she praises the apartment manager for sending in the requests, but that nothing is done after the requests are sent in. She says she doesn't blame the manager, but rather her superiors.

Bell's aunt, Beverly Bell, has decided to move out of her apartment and is currently staying with her daughter because the damage to the apartment is so severe. She spoke to KTVE/KARD about her years-long struggle with the plumbing in the complex.

It started in my sink. The girl's sink upstairs clogged, and then it ran into my sink and caused a clog in my sink. So I've been dealing with this for quite some time, I'd say at least ten years.

Beverly Bell, former tenant, Mosswood Apartments

Plumbers arrived at the complex and told KTVE/KARD that the blockage could be cleared and residents would soon feel relief. According to a conversation with the apartment manager, the carpets in the affected apartments are being shampooed. Beverly Bell told KTVE/KARD that she believes more needs to be done.

You have to rip it all out because that's where the mold is. You can't just steam clean it, you know. You have to rip it all out and clean it and then redo the floor because the mold is getting into the wall, drawing in air and forming mold.

Beverly Bell, former tenant, Mosswood Apartments

Several residents stated that they believed the carpet should be removed because they feared further mold growth.

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