Stay Ready For DIY Plumbing With These Harbor Freight Finds

As you work on and adjust your faucets, toilets, and bathtubs, the caulk in those areas can come loose. Re-caulking will help seal any holes or gaps that may be created during this process, keeping everything secure and preventing further leaks and damage. Not only do you need a high-quality caulk, but you also need a caulk gun to apply it evenly.

Luckily, although Harbor Freight's website only lists a single 9-inch caulking gun, it's another well-reviewed option from the retailer, averaging a 4.5 from nearly 850 reviewers. Whether you're working with adhesives or caulks, this simple but effective little tool can apply what you need with ease. It handles most standard-sized 10-ounce tubes of caulk and adhesives and dispenses them with ease using a dual spring trigger.

Not only is your caulking gun great for sealing areas around faucets and toilets, but it's also great for other areas in your home like walls, doors, windows, and more. If you take good care of your caulking gun, it will last you a long time. You can currently purchase this one from Harbor Freight for the delightfully low price of $3.99.

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