Stephen King Spotted At This Year’s Fryeburg Fair

It looks like Stephen King is enjoying some time in his home state and dropping by one of the biggest annual events of fall this year.

Maine’s most famous resident was seen at the Fryeburg Fair this week as the event is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year.

Mr. King indulged in a fair meal – an onion-laden sausage – while standing among the visitors to the show. He’s dressed in some local business swags, including a PieTree Orchard vest, an orchard from Sweden, Maine, and an UpNorth Storage Containers hat, a New Hampshire-based company that supplies shipping containers to northern New England.

The photo was accompanied by a clever, pun-filled description that played on the prolific writer’s various works:

Strolling in THE SHINING SUN at the Fryeburg fair? Go to Mr. & Mrs. Wurst. Everyone loves IT. They won’t be THINNER or BONE POUCH, but these sausages are NECESSARY THINGS. 💕 Photo by Dana Levasseur at Mr. & Mrs. Wurst.

The Fryeburg Fair is the largest agricultural fair held annually in Fryeburg, Maine. The fair took place last week and will end on Sunday. The fair features local producers and sellers, as well as exhibitions and rides.

King was also spotted in his home state this week to celebrate the upcoming retirement of longtime DJ and Morning Show host Bobby Russell on Bangor’s 100.3 WKIT, a rock station owned by Stephen King.

It’s great to see Mr. King enjoying early fall here in the state.

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