Suez Invested Over $87 Million in Water System Improvements Across NYS in 2020

In a year that saw what it really means to be important, SUEZ invested over $ 87 million in infrastructure projects to improve its water and sewer systems across New York in 2020.

“SUEZ has really maintained its commitment to its customers,” said Nadine Leslie, CEO of SUEZ North America. “Whether we offer safe and reliable drinking water services or ensure that wastewater is safely treated to return to the environment, our customers are at the forefront of our operations. The past year has been challenging, but our employees stood by that commitment, adopted new health and safety regulations, and continued to serve the communities we serve. “

In 2020, 39 projects in 18 communities were completed to ensure the water quality and reliability of the 525,000 residents and businesses that SUEZ serves in Rockland, Westchester, Orange, Tioga and Putnam counties.

“Our investments will benefit our communities for generations,” said Chris Graziano, vice president and general manager of SUEZ Utility Operations in New York. “From New Rochelle to Owego, our customers in New York depend on us to provide daily water and sanitation services for their homes and businesses. That is why we continue to make long-term, substantial investments that improve water quality and reliability. “

Providing the Basics of Life During a Pandemic:
The COVID-19 pandemic presented the world with unprecedented challenges while also reminding people of the importance of water for hand washing and good hygiene. With much of the state closed, the SUEZ crews implemented new health and safety standards to protect themselves and their customers while they continued their essential work.

“During these challenging times, SUEZ was at every turn in our communities,” said Graziano. “Our teams have worked tirelessly on site, in the laboratory, and in our wastewater treatment plants to ensure our customers have the clean water and reliable service they need to stay safe. It has been an honor to serve our communities and to know that our infrastructure investments help strengthen New York. “

Improvement of the water quality
Work began on a multi-year upgrade at SUEZ’s Lake DeForest sewage treatment plant to address water quality issues, including taste and smell, which occurred in 2019 due to significant algal bloom in the reservoir. Ozone and activated carbon powder are the planned treatments. The facility treats water from Lake DeForest, a 6 billion gallon reservoir that supplies approximately 100,000 customers in Rockland County.

System improvements
Completed security improvements in numerous facilities, including upgrading cameras and access systems, replacing fences, improving lighting, and installing walkways.

Tank upgrades
Painting and upgrading the storage tanks in Spring Valley and Port Chester will ensure water is available in the area when needed and extend the life of these critical assets.

SCADA master plan upgrade
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems at 20 Rockland locations have been updated to ensure continuous monitoring of water supply and quality and to provide further protection against cybersecurity threats.

Security improvements
Improvements included upgrades to systems to monitor water quality and supplies, strengthened cybersecurity measures, and security improvements to make water supplies and systems more secure.

Many new projects – including replacing main buildings, upgrading facilities and refurbishing water tanks – are already underway in 2021. These investments underscore the company’s commitment to improving lives and communities across New York, Graziano said. “These projects protect the communities and prepare New York for the future,” said Graziano. “These major upgrades to New York’s infrastructure and treatment facilities will have a profound impact on the areas in which we operate.”

Investment highlights:
Water pipe replacement
US $ 28 million has been invested in water pipes to ensure and improve a reliable water supply and to ensure the resilience of SUEZ’s entire New York supply area. In 2020, approximately 300,000 feet of aqueduct were replaced, including the first phase of a project to replace the aqueduct on Main Street in New Rochelle as part of the city’s historic downtown overhaul

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