Surfside Services: Plumbing

The following information was provided by Surfside Services:

As a company we have around twenty vehicles on the road, specifically for plumbing work we have four and want to add a fifth. We are growing as fast as we can find good installers who share our service philosophy of excellent customer service and quality work. We are currently hiring for our apprenticeship as a plumber.

Unlike so many of our other seasonal services, the plumbing is consistent. As a company, it’s exciting to see what the constant, day-to-day customer interactions are with plumbing. Our plumbing department has done a great job of building our customer base from day one. Our area has such a constant need for plumbers and there just aren’t enough licensed plumbers for the amount of work that comes up in Mobile and Baldwin counties. There is a real need and we are trying to fill it by training and hiring great plumbers.

We specialize in all types of plumbing. Water heaters, water leaks, sewer and drain, new fixtures, remodeling – all domestic and commercial plumbing. And we have the right tools for it. An important part of plumbing is having the right equipment, the right tools, so your plumber can work efficiently and effectively. With Surfside, we’re definitely ready for that.

You can of course contact us through our website and we are on multiple lead sources such as Angi’s List and Yelp, but the quickest and easiest way to book is to just give us a call.

We do not outsource to call centers, even at night. In fact, one of the owners takes the calls after hours, which is great because if you’re calling late about an emergency – whether it’s plumbing, HVAC or electrical – you can get one of us through who can really figure out what it’s about is the best way to help you with your problem. We are a 24/7 service company always open to take emergency calls.

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