Swedish Plumbing Company Abandons Vans for Professional Ebikes

Cyklande Rörmokaren is a plumbing company in Stockholm, Sweden. Their headquarters are in a former blacksmith shop in the oldest part of Stockholm. They are an ambitious company that is soon looking to expand to other cities such as Gothenburg, Malmö and Oslo.

According to founder Hugo Wolgers, their rapid growth is thanks to his team of creative problem solvers. And one reason these professional plumbers flock to his company is the fact that they largely travel to and from their work locations on bicycles and e-bikes.

Cycling with The Plumber founder Hugo Wolgers with his Keego Mobility KG4

If you knew Swedish, you would already know this, because the name of the company, Cyklande Rörmokaren, literally translates to “The Bicycle Plumber”.

In the spirit of “right sizing” – selecting the cleanest vehicle to do the job, all heavy materials are delivered in advance and then the plumbers and their tools arrive on their bikes.

Hugo says: “We were really tired of having to sit in traffic and we also realized that we could get there faster and in a more environmentally friendly way by bike.” Being constantly on the move also means we arrive more alert. Not using a car benefits the customer, us and the environment.”

Find the perfect e-bike for the sanitary sector

Since its inception, the company has tested many bicycle and electric bike brands and is now focusing on its new flagship vehicle, the Keego Mobility KG4. With its low center of gravity, 65kg load capacity, 100km range and all robust components, the e-bike was primarily designed for transporting delivery couriers and is also perfect for plumbers and their tools.

“We tested the KG4 for a few weeks. It turns out that our toolboxes fit perfectly on the rear rack and if we need other items, they fit in the front box. We are now converting our fleet to KG4 because they offer excellent handling, good loading capacity and low service and maintenance costs,” says Wolgers.

Wolgers then set off on a 280-kilometer journey in a KG4 to the (relatively) nearby town of Motala to speak at a conference about the use of bicycles in logistics. In order to go all the way, and since he was spending the night camping in the forest, he brought an extra set of fully charged batteries and also stopped for lunch at a restaurant where he could also get a quick charge.

Hugo Wolgers from Cyklande Rörmokaren and his Keego KG4 before his trip to Motala.Hugo Wolgers from Cyklande Rörmokaren and his Keego KG4 before his trip to Motala.

Keego Mobility, Swede from Taiwan

Like so many other bike companies, Keego Mobility hails from Taiwan, but Keego was co-founded by Swedish serial entrepreneur Elias Ek from the northern city of Sundsvall.

Ek moved from Sweden to the United States in 1994 to study and then moved to Taiwan in 2000. He has founded several companies, but Keego was the first to also open an office in Sweden.

“We now manage all of our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) activities from our office in Sweden,” says Ek. “It’s really great for me to now have a professional connection to my home country. And on our journey to help all 30 million couriers in the world choose eco-friendly and clean e-bikes, we are proud to also work with Hugo and his fantastic plumbers.”

Keego Mobility supports Elias Ek at KG4 in Taipei, TaiwanKeego Mobility supports Elias Ek at KG4 in Taipei, Taiwan

Couriers from companies like Uber Eats, Getir, Foodora, Foodpanda and many other leading delivery companies around the world use their KG4 for their daily deliveries.

Magnus Wall, EMEA sales manager for Keego Mobility, has many years of experience in the bicycle industry. He adds: “By enabling thousands of delivery couriers and professional tradesmen to switch to powerful, professional e-bikes, we can save enormous amounts of CO2 and reduce noise pollution in our cities.” For every 33km we cycle When driving in a van, we save 1kg of CO2 emissions, so the benefits are huge.”

Look out for the eco-friendly plumbers with their blue Keego Mobility e-bikes in Gamla Stan and other parts of Stockholm.

August 23rd – Meet Keego Mobility in Stockholm

If you are a delivery courier or otherwise interested in delivery e-bikes and sustainable logistics, you can come and test the KG4 at Keego Mobility's test event at Medborgarplatsen on August 23rd from August 11th to 17th.

Follow Keego Mobility on social media for further announcements!

About Elias Ek

Elias Ek was born in Stockholm but grew up 400 kilometers north in Sundsvall, Sweden. He is a lifelong entrepreneur who moved to the United States in 1994 to study and immigrated to Taiwan in 2000.

In 2002, he co-founded B2B marketing company Enspyre, which helps major international companies such as Oracle, eBay and Samsung connect with customers in Taiwan.

He is the author of the book “How to Start a Business in Taiwan” and has been co-organizing Dragons' Chamber, a pitch event for immigrant entrepreneurs in Taiwan, for eight years.

These days he is an active angel investor with more than ten active investments in companies such as Keego Mobility, which makes delivery e-bikes, and Nimbnet, which builds charging stations for heavy trucks in Sweden. He is eager to help the transportation sector transition to more environmentally friendly, right-sized vehicles. He is also pleased that he now has two companies with offices in Sweden, giving him even more reasons to visit Sweden and rediscover his old country from a business perspective.

About Cycling the Plumber

Cyklande Rörmokaren is a plumber who carries out all types of plumbing work. Our plumbers have extensive experience in a wide range of plumbing, plumbing and pipe laying work. We firmly believe that it is important for us and the environment to cycle to the construction site.


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