Texas plumber finds fetus in apartment pipe while fixing clog: reports

HOUSTON (WFLA) — A plumber made a morbid discovery after finding a fetus in a pipe at a Texas apartment complex, according to multiple reports.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the situation on Monday, local outlet KPRC reported.

Residents at the Glen Cove Apartments had been complaining of drainage problems since Friday, according to Houston outlet KHOU.

As a plumber began working on a building, he opened a pipe and reported finding the remains inside.

Authorities said the fetus was in the early stages of development.

According to KHOU, a woman at the building was seen being taken away in an ambulance. While an investigation is underway, detectives said the fetus was probably related to a miscarriage.

“That’s sad to lose a baby like that and not tell nobody,” resident Paula Smith told KHOU.

As of this report, no one was charged in the case. Authorities have confirmed they know who the parents are but have not released their identity.

This is the not first time this happened in Texas. In January, a resident also found a fetus in the pipes of his apartment after he had issues with backflow.

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