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Organizing your home can sometimes be difficult. While you may want to start with a larger area like your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, it may be more encouraging to ease into it by starting with a smaller space—under your kitchen sink, for example.

The space under your sink tends to have more clutter than we realize, but don’t worry! Shop TODAY enlisted the expertise of three professional organizers for their tips for tackling this often-neglected area of ​​your kitchen.

Tips for organizing under the kitchen sink

Start by clearing everything out

To properly organize a space, you should start by clearing out everything you don’t need and keeping only the essentials, says professional organizer Ashley Gude, owner of Ashley Organizes in Louisville, Kentucky; Emily Evans, owner of Eliminate: Professional Organizing based in Kentucky; and Amber Taggard, founder and owner of The Organizer Chicks in Arkansas.

When you first remove everything from under your sink, take time to categorize your products and note the things you actually use. Throw away any expired products. If you have products you don’t use, Evans recommends donating them to a nonprofit so they don’t go to waste.

It can easily happen that the space under the sink becomes a collection area for the things you don’t have space for anywhere else. In order to organize it properly, you should put everything that is not needed back in the kitchen. “There are basic categories you need below [the] “You sink in and you don’t need much more, so just keep it specific,” says Gude.

If you can, Taggard recommends also storing excess items or things like flashlights, trash bags, and light bulbs elsewhere—and limiting the items under the sink to only what you use regularly. “It can definitely help to be able to easily reach and grab everything you really need every day if you only keep the things you really need every day in this place,” she says.

Take advantage of every nook and cranny

One of the keys to organizing under the kitchen sink is to make sure you’re making the most of the space available. This includes the vertical space and even behind the closet door, Gude tells us. Instead of using multiple containers and placing them at floor level, she recommends stacking them on top of each other to take advantage of vertical space. She also mentions using things like Command Hooks and Lazy Susans to keep things easily accessible.

“I feel like it’s really easy to create order if you just work on all the rooms,” she muses.

Keep things in check

Once you’ve gotten rid of unnecessary and unused products, Taggard’s next tip is to store things in containers and other storage items. “It’s a place where form can take a backseat to function,” she says.

Since it’s an area of ​​the house that isn’t necessarily visible and you don’t really have to worry about aesthetics (if you don’t want to), she recommends using simple clear plastic containers to group your items.

Make sure the room remains functional

It can be really exciting to buy new organizing bins and storage units, but remember that the point is to make the space less cluttered, so only get what you need to keep the space functional. “Too many organizers can make the room look cluttered again, so be sure to buy these.” [organizational] Products after cleaning and categorizing so you know exactly what you need,” advises Evans.

“The right tools in the right place can make a big difference,” adds Taggard.

Don’t forget about lighting

Once you have all the containers set up and the products neatly organized, there is one more thing you need to take care of: the lighting!

When it comes to organizing under the sink, it’s not something you usually think about, but it could prove helpful in the long run. Taggard recommends placing a small lamp on the inside of this normally dark room so you can see everything that is available to you.

Think lazy

You might see this tip from Taggard and think, “Huh?” But there’s a good reason for it. What’s the good reason, you ask? People are lazy!

“If we create a three-step storage process – if I’m supposed to open the cabinet, then open the drawer, then pull out the box lid to put away the item I’m going to use – one of two things will happen “If anything can happen: I stop “I stop going through this three-step process and just drop the thing on the counter or I stop using the thing,” she explains.

By “lazy thinking,” she means creating an under-the-sink organization system that is easiest for you to maintain. When purchasing storage boxes and systems, choose things that are not only beautiful to look at but also practical for your needs. This way you are more likely to stay on top of things and prevent things from falling back into a messy/cluttered state.

“The world is crazy and complex; Organizing should help make it easier for you,” says Taggard.

The Best Products for Under the Kitchen Sink Organization, According to Experts

Sterilite 20-quart storage box

“This 20-quart clear plastic container from Walmart is a great way to create basic containment and ensure items can’t be pushed back into the farthest reaches of the room, never to be seen again,” Taggard tells us. “Some rooms may need to stick with a smaller size of 12 or 15 quarts, but this works well for most sinks with water lines on one side.”

The multi-purpose containers from Container Store

Gude likes these affordable multi-purpose containers for a variety of reasons, including the handles and the height, which prevents products from shifting unnecessarily. She calls it a product of choice because “it fits any room and is cost-effective.” [plus] you can see through it.”

Energizer LED faucet light

If you follow Taggard’s suggestion to add a little light to your under-sink cabinet, she recommends these faucet lights from Energizer for their long-lasting LED light and simplicity.

Command strips for hanging pictures

Taggard tells us that all you need is one of these heavy-duty Velcro straps to easily attach your faucet light to the inside of your base cabinet under the sink. “When it’s time to change the batteries or when you need to remove it from the wall to beam into the farthest corner of your under-counter area, you have that option,” she says.

Gude also recommends Command Strips for hanging things like shelves or caddies on the inside of the closet door so you can maximize the space available.

Style Selections 1 Tier Metal Basket and Over the Door Organizer

“Over-the-closet baskets, which you can hang on the inside of your closet doors, help make the most of the space that is easiest to access and therefore easiest to clean (think lazy, right!?), and “We like these ones from Lowe’s,” says Taggard.

Compact turntable from Kitchen Spaces

Both Gude and Taggard mention the benefits of using a lazy Susan to organize cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink. “Not all Lazy Susans are created equal,” says Gude, and although the specific option she mentions is no longer available, this option will also get the job done without breaking the bank.

iDesign Axis Over-The-Cabinet 2 Tier Kitchen Storage Basket

If you want an over-the-cabinet rack with a little more storage capacity, Taggard recommends this two-tier option from iDesign. At less than $20, she says it offers “good value.”

AnnkkyUS White Plastic Storage Baskets

When it comes to choosing storage containers, Evans recommends opting for plastic or acrylic instead of fabric or other fabric materials because they are easier to clean. “I like to use all-white baskets for a nice, crisp, clean look,” she adds.

OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan turntable

Taggard likes to opt for a larger Lazy Susan when organizing under the sink and is a fan of this one from OXO because of its deeper edge, which she says is less likely to cause items to fall when you turn it to get to it. what you need.

mDesign paper towel holder over the cabinet with multi-purpose shelf

Evans recommends this paper towel and utility shelf combo for the back of the closet door. While the roll below can be used for paper towels, she suggests using it for trash bags as well.

Gorilla Grip Under Desk Organizer Mat

Once you’ve cleared everything out from under the sink, Evans recommends using this Gorilla Grip liner to add a bit of functional decor for an extra personal touch. She likes it because it’s waterproof and has a good grip (as the name suggests). Using a liner can make cleaning up messes easier in the event of a product leak and help prevent base stains.

Simple Houseware 2 Tier Expandable Under Sink Cabinet Shelf

An alternative to the pull-out closet organizer is this Evans-recommended expandable closet shelf. “I prefer an expandable shelf made specifically for the kitchen sink that fits around the pipe. It is modular so you can move it around [it] Depending on whether there are additional pipes stuck or a garbage disposal,” she explains.

STORi Audrey stackable organizer drawers

Gude likes these clear stackable drawers from STORi. They come in two different heights and widths and can be stacked two or three on top of each other to take advantage of available vertical space, she notes.

Lynk Professional Under-Counter Pull-Out Closet Organizer

Each organizer emphasizes the importance of keeping the things you use most in an accessible place, which is why Taggard recommends this pull-out closet organizer. “We like this one because it’s designed to mount to the bottom of your closet, unlike others that can easily tip over when pulled out,” she says.

Meet the experts

  • Ashley Gude is the owner of Ashley Organizes based in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Emily Evans is the owner of Eliminate: Professional Organizing based in Kentucky.
  • Amber Taggard is the founder and owner of The Organizer Chicks in Arkansas.
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