The 5 House Noises You Should Never, Ever Ignore

From clanging radiators and creaking floors to gurgling toilets and leaking pipes, your home can sometimes create a cacophony of noises.

It’s important to know the difference between noises that are just annoying and those that you shouldn’t ignore.

According to home experts, the following sounds are potential emergencies:

1. Rushing water sounds

“Water damage can be one of the most common and costly home insurance claims for homeowners. And it can be one of the easiest problems to prevent if you actually take steps to mitigate problems beforehand,” said Courtney Klosterman, home information expert at Hippo, a real estate insurance company.

If you hear the rushing water sound, it could mean that water is constantly flowing through your pipes, indicating a leak, Klosterman said. If you hear the noise, she suggests doing a quick check for water buildup in areas prone to leaks, such as: B. your sink or your bathroom. It would also be a good idea to leave your home and look for any missing or damaged shingles to see if they are also coming off your roof.

However, not all dripping noises are bad. For example, Philadelphia-based plumber Kelly Ireland said that when hot water flows through a cold pipe, it makes “like a faucet noise that mimics a dripping sound.”

If you think you have an active water leak, check your water meter, Ireland said. They are typically located in the basement, garage, storage room, or front yard, depending on whether you live in an older or modern home.

“There is a small dial. Either it’s a dial, or to some people it looks like a gear… If your gauge is spinning, that would be your first sign that you have an active water leak,” Ireland said. “It’s very delicate, so even a drop in the faucet can set the little thing off.”

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