The Best Green Kitchen Designs For Your Next Renovation

From plump lime to fragrant pine, the color green has such a cheerful connotation. No wonder paint brands love this perennial favorite. In the kitchen, the timeless color looks fantastic on furniture and gives it a particularly calming effect. What a zesty upgrade to white or gray. Here we present several iterations of the shade. Your friends will be green with envy when you break up with the old one.

Stephen Buchman

Light green kitchen with white countertops

Damon Fox

Dark green kitchen

Myles Wiltshire

Dark green kitchen with sink

Alanna Drawson

Green kitchen with wooden island

Elizabeth Paige Interiors

Contemporary green cuisine

Patrick pictures

Green kitchen with green painted walls

Green kitchen, old world art on the counter

Margaret Rajic

Green base cabinets in the kitchen

Naomi Finlay

Green country-house style kitchen with wallpapered ceiling

Roger Lemoyne

Kitchen with green/blue island and wooden pantry

Jason Hartog

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