The Genius Chopstick Hack For Cleaning The Crevices Around Bathroom Fixtures

To achieve impeccable cleanliness, start by breaking a clean pair of chopsticks, preferably unused ones (since we're focusing on cleaning here). Surprisingly, you only need one stick for this task. Wrap a small cloth or paper towel tightly around the chopstick. With this makeshift cleaning tool you can easily maneuver through all tight crevices and corners. For an extra thorough clean, add a squirt of multi-purpose bathroom cleaner to the cloth or spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned.

This chopstick cleaning trick is ideal for tackling stubborn mineral deposits and mold that build up around bathroom fixtures and faucets. It works wonders in transforming dirty tile grout lines back to its original glory. And believe it or not, you can even use these sushi sticks to clear dust buildup in your bathroom vents. This genius chopstick cleaning hack offers endless possibilities and leaves no small crevice in your bathroom untouched.

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