The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Texas-Shaped Sink

Have you ever seen something so beautiful and yet so impractical?!

This Texas sink—yes, a sink—is sending the internet into a frenzy. Reddit user u/DefenderOfNuts posted a photo of the hilarious meme on the subreddit r/ATBGE (Awful Taste But Great Execution) with the caption “‘HONEY!? it!?’” In the photo of the sink installed in a granite kitchen island is a sign that reads “Rare Texas sink” with a price tag of $999.

Other Reddit users were quick to mock the sink, which isn’t as big as anywhere else in Texas.

“Ugh, not only is it ugly, but it also doesn’t fit dishes,” said one user, to which another replied, “Just buy Texan dishes, problem solved.” Here’s a look at some of the other funny replies:

“It’s so silly, but the Texan in me loves it from afar. I could see it as a bathroom sink, but I’d be so pissed if I tried to use it in the kitchen.” “F— my Texas cutting board is permanently stuck in my Texas sink.” “BBQ sauce comes out of the tap.”

Check out the sink below (or here if it’s not loading)!

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