The Kitchen Sink (vocal) – BBC Teach

The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink, the kitchen sink
Listen to the sounds of the kitchen sink
The tap drip-drops as you pour a drink…
Drip, drop, drip, drop,
Listen to the kitchen sink!

The pots and pans, the pots and pans
Listen to the sounds of the pots and pans
The small ones plink and the big ones clang…Plink, clang, plink, clang,
Listen to the pots and pans!

The forks and spoons, the forks and spoons
Listen to the sounds of the forks and spoons
They play in rhythm and they play in tune
Fork, spoon, fork, spoon
Listen to the forks and spoons!

The mugs and plates, the mugs and plates
Listen to the sounds of the mugs and plates
From high to low, they sound just great…
Low, high, low, high,
Listen to the mugs and plates!

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