The Plumbing Bird encouraging women to get into the industry

Hannah Lewis, who owns Plumbing Bird, embarked on her career in plumbing in 2008 after having a taster day session at the Plumbing Academy in Kent.

The 49-year-old went on to book other courses with the academy and has since then seen her career flourish.

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Hannah said: “Being practical, plumbing suited me more than other trades.

“My work largely consists of three to five maintenance jobs, for example, gas appliance servicing, repairs, radiator valve replacements, and some plumbing maintenance although I prefer heating systems only these days.”

Hannah has said that building relationships with regular and loyal customers some of whom she can callfriends after many years is the most rewarding part of her job.

But it isn’t without injury, she continued: “My trade is very physical, and I’ve suffered a lot of joint/back problems. However, there are less strenuous jobs that I can specialise in which are less likely to cause problems.”

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Hannah has said that she would recommend other women to pursue a career in the trades industry.

She continued: “There are many avenues within different trades making it possible for women to pursue in certain areas and enjoy a successful career.

“Look for a college that offers a trade taster day, so that you can decide whether it’s going to be for you or not, before embarking on the courses.”

Hannah added: “It may seem daunting to begin with but if you enjoyed learning the theory and practical workshops of the trade throughout college and did well compared with your male peers, there’s nothing holding you back! You will gain valuable experience through making mistakes, but this is part of getting it right and becoming an expert. As long as you come back and remedy ongoing problems, your customers will appreciate your work and honesty.”

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