The Unlikely Household Staple That’ll Leave Your Bathroom Fixtures Shining Like New

What is the reason for this shiny effect? As a petroleum derivative, Vaseline acts as a protective shield. Not only does this protection protect the bathroom accessories from potential water damage and prevent rust or wear, but Vaseline’s natural shine also gives them a fresh, polished look and enhances their visual appeal.

Vaseline is undeniably effective for this purpose. However, keep the following pointers in mind for the best results. Remember that less is more and over-application may result in a sticky feeling. It is advisable to apply petroleum jelly in moderation and ensure a light, even distribution. It is also important to wipe the fittings with a dry cloth to polish them. Not only does it accentuate the shine, but it also ensures a residue-free finish. Finally, be selective when choosing which fixtures you want to shine with Vaseline. Some areas, such as bathtub and shower floors, are constantly interacting with water. It is advisable to avoid these areas with petroleum jelly to avoid unwanted slipping hazards.

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