Thousand litres of water go waste as Guwahati Jal Board fails to repair leaky pipes


GUWAHATI: The Guwahati Jal Board (GJB) has been constantly criticized for failing to ensure proper water supply in the city. At a time when people in several areas are facing problems due to water levels in the walls, huge quantities of clean water leaking from the pipes raise questions over the actions of the authorities concerned.

In another incident in the last few days, a major water supply pipe on the Geetanagar Mandir road leaked large amounts of water. Even after the local population lodged several complaints about the development with the authorities concerned, no action was taken in this regard.

A local resident mentioned, “On the one hand, several parts of Guwahati are not receiving water as the authorities have not laid pipelines and they are suffering due to the declining groundwater level. On the other hand, they continue to waste thousands of liters of clean water in the areas where they supply water.” Another person asked: “How difficult is it to maintain pipes or were they using such substandard materials and labor that the People in the city have to see leaking pipes almost every other day?” And the level of negligence is so high; We have called them many times but they have not fixed this leaking pipe and continue to waste water every day.”

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