TikTok Loves This $10 Amazon Find for Their Kitchen Sponges

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S&T Inc.’s $ 10 Soap Pump Dispenser and Sponge Holder has become hugely popular via TikTok and has generated millions of views on the platform. The clever, space-saving find is also a hit with Amazon reviewers, who have received over 11,900 five-star ratings and thousands of laudable reviews. Additionally, Amazon recently featured its most popular home products on TikTok, and the list included the two-in-one product.

Buy it! S&T Inc. soap pump dispenser and sponge holder, $ 9.99; amazon.com

Buyers love that the slim part has a built-in pump that delivers a drop of soap directly onto the included sponge with just a light press. And when you’re not cleaning dishes, the top shelf is the perfect place to store your sponge. As one TikToker put it, it’s one of those “random things that just make sense”.

The ingenious find is available in four colors: gray, silver, white and metallic gray. And each contains up to 13 ounces of dish soap that can be easily dispensed with one hand. This can help reduce the number of items cluttering your sink and wash your dishes a little faster.

Thousands of Amazon reviewers gave the $ 10 piece a perfect rating, calling it their “favorite kitchen item,” “super practical,” and “a great invention.” In addition to its general usefulness, they also raved about its easy-to-clean design, durable materials, and great value for money.

“It’s so convenient and looks great on the counter,” wrote one reviewer. “No more pumping or squeezing a bottle – just push it down and you have the perfect amount of detergent. I love it!”

“This is the best soap dispenser ever made,” wrote another reviewer. “It looks good and works well. I got one for my mom and me and she loved it so much that she bought it for her sisters and my grandma. Now I’m giving one to a friend. You will love it . “

When you’re ready to try the latest TikTok beloved product, the Prime-enabled piece is currently in stock on Amazon. Just add some soap and you’re good to go!

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