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As with most properties, maintenance is key to its longevity.

This includes things that we often take for granted, such as: B. Plumbing and sewer pipes.

Checking, identifying, repairing, and maintaining worn or damaged water pipes requires vigilance. Their integrity can be compromised over time, causing severe leaks and even burst pipes causing flooding behind walls, under floors, and in crawl spaces that are difficult to identify before significant water damage occurs to homes, condominiums, and businesses across the state of Florida .

At The Morgan Law Group, our Florida insurance claims attorneys do more than just help our clients get the financial recovery they deserve from their insurance policy coverage. We also give tips that can help prevent these claims altogether.

What are the main causes of water pipe failure?

Unfortunately, water pipes don’t last forever and over time can fail, causing damage that is difficult financially to overcome without filing a successful insurance claim.

The most common causes of pipe damage include:

  • Reduced pipe diameter due to the accumulation of grease, slime and other materials on the pipe walls, causing severe clogging
  • Corrosion from rust, hydrogen sulfide gas, or aging
  • Physical damage from cracks in lead, clay, plastic, and cast iron pipes
  • Pipe misalignment due to pipe deformation over time
  • Bad workmanship due to inadequate installation or improper maintenance
  • Ingress of tree roots through overgrown trees outside the home
  • Collapse of an external sewer due to construction, road works, or age
  • Frozen pipes due to below average temperatures
  • If pipe damage goes unnoticed, it can cause costly damage to your home and property that requires skilled plumbing professionals to repair or replace it – often in an emergency, which can become a significant financial burden.

    What are the most common signs of pipe damage?

    Pipe damage can be difficult to diagnose on your own, but several signs can alert you that it is time to call a professional plumber.

    They include, but are not limited to:

  • Inexplicable moisture under cupboards, in cupboards or in basements
  • Brown spots on the ceiling or on the walls
  • Mold damage
  • Higher water bills than usual
  • Discolored water
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Clinking, dragging, or rumbling while using water
  • Unpleasant smells from taps and drains
  • Because of Florida’s salty and moisture-rich environment, homes, condos, and commercial properties are all at risk for pipe damage, which leads us to the best approach to water damage prevention: inspections and maintenance.

    How can I prevent pipe damage in my home, apartment or business?

    Having a professional inspect your plumbing every year can help identify undetected water leaks before they cause damage.

    Plumbing services may offer leak and damage inspections or relining and replacement solutions that are worth the initial investment in order to avoid much higher emergency costs later.

    If you haven’t been able to spot damaged pipes before they cause significant damage to your home, apartment, or business, and are having trouble filing a successful claim with your insurance company, reach out to our seasoned Florida insurance claims attorneys at The Morgan Law Group , PA
    today at (888) -904-2524 for help.

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