Toby Keith ‘Throwing the Kitchen Sink’ at Remaining Cancer Treatments

Country singer Toby Keith, 62, is just weeks away from his highly anticipated return to the stage in front of thousands of his fans who have supported him throughout his years-long stomach cancer journey.

To prepare for his big day, Keith says he’s continuing his cancer treatments and “throwing the kitchen sink on it,” as he describes his journey so far.

“I haven’t worked for two years. For the first time in my life, I have never worked. My father would kick my ass. But I will not let my illness define me. I said, “I’ll carry on…if all goes well.” [my treatments] If I get through it, I will make it. I’m going to destroy them,” Keith said on the Sellout Crowd podcast. @selloutcrowd_Conversations with Coach: “Cancer is an island and you’re on a boat and nobody goes there to that island unless you have it “There’s a lot of boats on it.” Toby Keith joins Bob Stoops as he talks to Coach to give an update on his health and his new perspective on cancer. The full interview can be found on and on the YouTube page “Conversations with Coach”.♬ Original sound – Sellout Crowd Keith describes his cancer and subsequent treatment as a “roller coaster ride”. He noted that he is fortunate to be able to utilize resources to support his treatment journey that not everyone has access to.

“I have the financial and other resources to receive the best possible treatments. They take great care of me and I get the newest stuff you can get.

“In fact, I’m going to Florida to get another guy down there who’s had other treatments and I’m trying them all out,” the country star added.

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Country singer Toby Keith has been battling cancer since 2021. (Instagram/@TobyKeith)

Help patients find financial support

His cancer journey helped refine the meaning of his life.

“If I survive this and can tell my story, maybe I can save someone else’s life,” Keith said.

Less than a month before Keith performed in Las Vegas, he said he had gotten back into the rhythm of his performances.

“I have to get used to my lyrics again. I know I wrote all these songs, but I still have to remember them, and I’ve never gone through that before. “But yeah, we’re going to blow it up,” Keith said excitedly.

Keith’s Cancer Trip to Vegas

Keith has been battling stomach cancer since 2021. He has since undergone treatment that includes chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and immunotherapy. This summer he announced that he was doing pretty well and that his cancer treatments were about to end.

After his diagnosis, he left the big stage to focus on his health. After battling the illness for nearly two years, the “Red Solo Cup” singer revealed in a recent interview with Country Now that he’s “doing pretty well.”

“Basically everything is in a really positive trend. With cancer you never know, so you have to prepare,” the country singer continued.

His treatment included chemotherapy and immunotherapy. During chemotherapy, cancer-killing drugs are given to patients orally or intravenously. Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment method that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer cells. We do not know what type of chemotherapy or immunotherapy he is currently undergoing for treatment.

Based on Keith’s comments and pop-up appearances over the summer, the “Beer for My Horses” singer appears to be coping well with his treatments. Side effects of chemotherapy and immunotherapy can include fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and loss of appetite – but they can be treated.

“The side effects of immunotherapy don’t last, quote, forever,” says medical oncologist Dr. Anna Pavlick told SurvivorNet.

“The severity depends on how we deal with it. “Some patients get diarrhea and we can give them treatments to relieve their diarrhea and it lasts a few days,” continued Dr. Pavlick continued.

Understanding stomach cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, stomach cancer (also called stomach cancer) begins in the cells that line the stomach. Symptoms may include bloating, indigestion, and loss of appetite. More serious symptoms may include bloody stools and jaundice.

Treatment options for stomach cancer may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy. Your care team will decide the best treatment option depending on your overall health and the maturity of the cancer.

Questions to ask your doctor

If you or a loved one have cancer and are wondering how treatment might affect your life, you can ask your doctor the following questions to start the conversation:

  • What possible side effects can my treatment have?
  • How will treatment affect my ability to continue my usual activities?
  • Are there ways to manage the side effects of the treatment?
  • When could I return to normal activities?
  • I would like to find other ways to use my time during treatment. Can resources help me find activities that are meaningful to me?

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